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  1. Petzl Ergo

    bottom line, if you are looking for all around easy ice up to WI5, go for quark. super light weight. if you are looking for all around hard mix/dry up to m7,8 ,or even 9, go with nomic. If you are looking for drytooling tool up to M13(i guess..) ergo really make a difference on hard dry tooling routes. but for me,... nomic is more than enough.
  2. Petzl Ergo

    I had ergo just for dry tooling, great tool! awesome angle for overhang feature. also climb ice like a boss. But, I sold it, got a pair of nomic and could not be happier. now I own pair of quark for general mountaineering ice/snow everything and nomic for dry tooling and hard mix climb. cheers