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  1. bat hook?

    Yo, if your looking for something special for standard ¼” diameter BAT hook holes Pika makes (or made) a BAT hook that has a split in the tip, the idea is lot like a split shaft button head bolt, I have one around somewhere, almost never keep in on my wall rack.. Just extra weight, the smallest leg on the BD talon hook is designed for BAT hooking, no need for it to be more secure, if in good rock BAT hooking is so damn secure in the first place, even when its overhanging and the legs of the hooks don’t touch the wall, it wont fail. Pika hook The pointed Logan Hook is also an option, they are available through runoutcustoms. logan hook If you speaking of drilled holes with a diameter of 3/8” or ½” (sometimes called pilot holes, like bilcoes photo) a set of filed BD grappling hooks are the most sustainable option next to filling the pilot hole with a bolt or rivet.