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  1. [TR] MRNP - Gib Ledges 02/13/2018

    Yeah, he parked his Pathfinder right by the toilets at Camp Muir.
  2. Trip: MRNP - Gib Ledges Trip Date: 02/13/2018 Trip Report: On Monday afternoon, Taylor and I skied up to Camp Muir under bluebird skies with temps hovering around freezing and the wind blowing what felt like about 15-20 mph. Upon arriving at the hut, we were greeted by 2 other guys with the same plan to climb Gib Ledges. On Tuesday 2/13/2018, Taylor and I left the hut at 2:30am and summited at 10:50am via the Gib Ledges route. Several of the ledges consisted of less cohesive, larger granule snow. I assume this is an effect of proximity to rock that cooks the snow from the inside during solar hours. Aside from the ledges, we encountered consistent styrofoam wind-buffed snow with pockets of softer wind-transport and firmer sastrugi. The only cracks we came across on the way up were within the first 100m above Gib Rock and they were less than 1m wide. Most less than 50cm. We assumed we would encounter ice and bulletproof snow so we opted to leave our skis at Camp Muir. Mistake. Oh well.. Upon reaching the crater rim, we were greeted with consistently stronger wind with intermittent gusts of what felt like about 40mph. This was my first time going above Camp Muir and Taylor’s first time to the park, therefore, neither of us knew which ‘mound’ along the rim was the true summit. We decided that one of two prominent features on the other side of the crater had to be it so we set off walking (counter-clockwise) around the rim, cutting off sections by walking through the crater on the supportable surface. On our walk over, clouds engulfed our destination so we made our way back to the rim to follow the ridge. Wind was stronger now and the temperature felt significantly colder. Upon reaching the first ‘mound’ which was just off the rim, we seemed to think the next ‘mound’ further along the rim might be taller so we left our first possible summit and kept walking, now getting blasted even harder by wind and tiny ice crystals. Upon standing atop the second potential summit, we decided that one of these two had to be it so basked in our efforts for a sec and decided to get the f#$k off the top. We continued along the rim, admiring the awesome power of the wind. As cold as we were, our psych to be there was higher than the summit. We continued in a counter-clockwise direction and found where we initially crested. We had a quick laugh at our little circumnav and started walking back down attempting to follow our tracks as the wind rapidly blew them away. As we lost elevation, we looked back at our progress and saw that we had just exited one of the classic lenticular clouds that often hangout atop the mountain. We agreed that we were stoked to be on our way down, with less wind. We ran into the other party of two on our way down about 500m from the top of Gib Rock at about 11:30am. They told us they had left Camp Muir at 6am. They let us know our boot track was great. They were wondering about weather at the top so we let them know about the wind and lenticular. We parted ways and looked back every so often as they approached one of several false-crests of the slog to the top. We decided not to down climb the ledges route in order to stay out of rock fall from Gib rock. We opted to take a direct line down the gut of the Ingraham glacier which was filled in and firm at the top. Our plan was to pop through Cadaver Gap and walk back to Muir and ski back down to the car. The bottom few hundred meters of the glacier leading to Cadaver Gap was pretty damn broken up. Slower-going, careful navigation and down climbing allowed us to safely pick a line to the gap. Upon reaching the gap, we down climbed the couloir/chute feature. At this point the snow there was solar effected, soft and really loved to ball up on our crampons making down climbing the steep snow quite tenuous and slow going. All I could think about was how awesome the turns would be on skis… After descending the pitch we walked back to the hut and packed our stuff for our ski decent back to the car. Obviously we ran into Amar who was just getting to camp muir as we left the hut. After a brief catch up and chat we skied down the wind-blasted snice/sastrugi to the ice rink that was Pan Point and down to the soft fun snow below Pan Face all the way to the Paradise parking lot. It was an awesome first trip up Tahoma and certainly will not be our last! Gear Notes: Wish we brought skis to the summit... Approach Notes: NA
  3. Dynafit Denali's-184 w/Speed Radicals *Price Drop

    No skins for them. I'll be down in Portland this weekend if you're interested.
  4. I skied them a few times, decided they're not for me. They ski shorter than 184 with the rocker and the weight (lack of). The skis and Bindings are pretty much brand new. $900 for the skis with bindings, or best offer.
  5. SOLD

    The skis are brand new and rad. 186mm They are mounted with Salomon Guardians. This is my second pair and I want to buy a new mountain bike. It is a great resort setup with the option of touring. The skis are super fun and playful, carve really well and float great in the pow. Pics in craigslist ad. $500 http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/5183601752.html Used the bindings one season on other skis, still in excellent condition.
  6. I bought these and they don't fit me how I want them to. They are brand new. Message me and we can figure out a time you can check em out! Pic are on the Craigslist ad $400 OBO Cheers! http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/5205788095.html
  7. Cleaning out my gear closet I got a pair of size 34 Rab Exodus softshell pants as a gift that I never ended up using. No idea where my ex got them nor do I want to ask so I can't return them. $75 Dynafit Mercury AT Boots- Size28.5 $350
  8. Tried them on a few short ski tours and they don't fit. Looking for $375. The liners have never been cooked. I'm in Ballard, feel free to stop by and check them out or I can meet you somewhere. Feel free to shoot me a text or phone call if it's easier 917 861 6955