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  1. Winter climbing partner

    I am located in Tacoma, but hope to fix my car soon if I can get the money together and then will have a fairly large radius for meeting up with partners.
  2. Winter climbing partner

    Hello! I am 20, highly motivated, and a relatively inexperienced climber looking to make structured, progressive, and significant gains in both technique and fitness throughout the following winter. I have been rock climbing for a few years, but am now broadening my horizons to other disciplines of climbing. I am seeking to hone my rock climbing skills, as well as exploring aid climbing, ice and mixed climbing, back country skiing, and general mountaineering. I recently made a car to car ascent of Forbidden Peak's west ridge in a day, and am hooked on the Cascades. Text at (916)396-8617 or email at smoffitt@ups.edu to meet up for training or climbing.