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  1. Ski partners!

    I'm looking to ski/climb some volcanos down near Bend this weekend if you are free. I am an educator, so generally have good availability. This week is my Spring Break. I'm teaching online, so with enough advanced notice I can take weekdays off.
  2. Climb/ski volcanoes near Bend

    I would like to ski/climb Broken Top and Mt Washington this weekend. Both are volcanoes in OR. I can leave this Thursday (March 25) mid-day and need to be back on Monday (March 29). Weather is looking good Fri-Sat-Sun, so those would likely be the climbing/skiing days. Keeping an eye on avi conditions. There is not a lot of technical terrain on either, so this is more about tagging the summits. Let me know if you're interested. I've only got 5 out of 18 Cascade volcanos left to climb and all are in and around Bend, OR. Broken Top and Mt Washington look the most accessible this time of year.
  3. Lost Hoodie, N Ridge Stuart, 9/7/2014

    I lost my favorite green stoic light-weight hoodie on the N Ridge of Stuart on Sunday, Sep 7. Please return for beer if you find it!