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  1. [TR] Das Toof - The Tooth Fairy, 5.9+ 08/15/2019

    Tanstaafl, Thanks for the info!
  2. [TR] Das Toof - The Tooth Fairy, 5.9+ 08/15/2019

    Any topo or route information on this route?
  3. Questions about Bugaboos

    I don't mean to hijack this thread but anyone know of the conditions up there right now? I know it's rather early but I have some time off in late June and was curious about heading up around the 20th. Would this be doable or should I wait for later in the year? Thanks!
  4. Marc and partner missing in AK

    What a great perspective to have at such a young age. This mimics a lot of what Hayden Kennedy spoke of before his passing.
  5. I have been rock climbing since 2008 and ventured into sport climbing around 2012. I am originally from Wisconsin but moved out here to pursue alpine/trad climbing, along with work ha! I took the Basic Climbing Course through The Mountaineers and have been climbing a ton in the North Cascades the last two years (sport, glacier, alpine). I prefer multi-pitch rock climbing routes and alpine but glacier is always fun to mix it up, especially because it is so prevalent in the Cascades. I am willing to do pretty much any type of climbing. I want to build myself as an efficient all-around climber. I am looking to get into trad climbing and realize that this is a slow, dedicated process. I am committed and was wondering if anyone wanted to show me the ropes, pun intended. Let me know and I can supply you with my contact information. Conor