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  1. On the date of Monday, May 30th, 2016, I stashed my trekking poles near a rocky out crop on a saddle just below Mt. Skokomish. When I returned, they were gone. I spoke to a couple of hikers who mentioned that they had run into a man by the name of Sirus (? Not sure about the spelling), who picked them up thinking that they had been left behind. Anyhow, I can be contacted via pm. Thanks!
  2. Mt. Rainier - Emmons Route

    This is kind of a short notice, but I am looking for a partner or partners to climb the Emmons Route on Mt. Rainier this weekend (06/12 - 06/14). My relevant experience includes two climbs Mt. Rainier, via the Disappointment Cleaver route, Mt. Baker, via the Easton Route, Mt. Hood, via Hog's Back, Mt. Adams, via South Spur, and Mt. St. Helens (summer and winter ascents). I have Friday through Sunday off. If you are interested shoot me an email: Skykomishsunrise@gmail.com Regards, Andrew
  3. Mt. Hood - Hogsback (trip report)

    Despite a little bit of cloud cover in the early morning, this past Sunday turned out to be a fine day for climbing Mt. Hood. (Taken after arriving back at the parking lot.) Hogsback Climbing through the Pearly Gates Looking back at the Pearly Gates. The cloud shrouded summit of Mt. Hood. Down climbing the old chute.
  4. Novice climber in Bellingham looking for climbing partners / mentor. My limited experience includes 2 separate climbs on Mt. Rainier, via Disappointment Cleaver; Wyoming's Grand Teton Mountain, via the Owen-Spalding Route; Mt. Adams, via the South Spur route; summer and winter ascents of Mt. St. Helens; and various mountains in the eastern Olympics and western Cascades. Otherwise, I have done some technical rock climbing on the Index wall (Great Northern slab and part of Japanese Gardens), as well as Washington Pass (Liberty Bell, Concord Tower, and Lexington Tower). Although I have no experience leading (I would like to learn), I can follow up to 5.9. I lack formal formal mountaineering and rock climbing instruction, but am always willing and eager to learn. Anyone interested in doing some climbing can get a hold of me, via pm. Andrew
  5. Lost a crampon (red toe and heel piece), along with a black Simms fleece sweater, on my way back from Mt. Stone (eastern Olympics). I imagine that both items are probably lying somewhere on the Putvin trail. If found, please send me a pm. Thanks!