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  1. Mt hood South side conditions

    As of yesterday, the Old Chute is pretty prime. Snow coverage is still very good with only small amounts of rockfall. The Bergshrund is MASSIVE this year, for anyone heading to the Pearly Gates.
  2. Volcano cond's, esp. Adams & Jefferson Glaciers?

    As of last Sunday, consistent snow on Mt. Adams started at about 5800 feet, so just past the Cold Springs (south side) trailhead. Road is driveable to within a few hundred feet of the actual trailhead. Snow coverage is good on the upper mountain, but it's melting out quickly. Some scattered rockfall near the base of the SW Chutes in the expected spots. No major suncups yet, so everything's easily skiable if you're into that sort of thing. Hope that helps. Do with this knowledge as you see fit.
  3. Spring Skiing partners wanted Adams/Hood/Sisters

    Heading to Adams this weekend - I'll drop you an email.