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  1. Mt Hood area dispersed camping....

    I take it back. Looks like Powell's might have it in stock. I'll have to call to make sure though.
  2. Mt Hood area dispersed camping....

    That's what I'm talking about It's amazing how great this community is. Any idea where I might get a copy?? Looks like the link you gave is out of stock. i swa one other site that said something about New Seasons??? Is that a book store in the area? Thanks for the help!!!
  3. Mt Hood area dispersed camping....

    Hello everyone!!! Thanks so much for all the information on this site it has been super helpful through the past couple of months. Two of my friends and I are heading to the Hood national forest this next week for a long camping/ climbing trip. We're hoping to do our 1st summit of Mt Hood, baring good weather. I've been trying to find some good forest camping but have come up short on any good leads. We are really looking for dispersed camping, and not a primitive or developed campground. In my past experience I've usually been able to drive around on some forest service roads and have had good luck in finding some great sites. Not having ever been in the area, just wondering if anyone had some suggestions. A river or small stream near buy is always a plus. Thanks for any info. and help.