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  1. Aconcagua in Feb 2015

    Interested. I also have a partner that would be interested. Highest I have been is 5700m. Couple seasons of experience skiing the glaciers of Chamonix and skied Rainier last spring. Email me at: p f u r i o s i at gmail no spaces in email.
  2. Hey everyone, the weather is going to be perfect this week. I'm looking to do the DC or ID. I tried the finger last week but encountered weather at the top of the colouir and ended up being tent bound for 40 plus hours. Im gonna try again this week. I have a rando rope and much glacial experience from the alps. Very well trained in crevasse rescue. call if you're interested in joining. Gonna drive up from Seattle early Thurs morning to be at Longmire for the gate opening. cheers, phil 570-604-1196
  3. Mount Rainier (April/May)

    Hey all, I will be out in Seattle next week. Looking to climb/ski the fuhrer finger. Heading up to Paradise on Sunday then to basecamp Sunday night or Monday to wait for a good weather day. I would be open to any of the other routes beginning from Paradise. Let me know if youre interested. Phil 570-604-1196
  4. West side pullin' partner

    I will be attempting Rainier between 4/18 and 4/26. Thinking Fuhrer Finger or DC. I'm open to other options.
  5. Rainier 4/18 to 4/26

    Bonjour Comrades! Taking a shot in the dark here... I'm heading out to Seattle next Friday to climb/ski Rainier sometime during the following week. I'm looking for a partner(s). Thinking about doing the Fuher finger or DC. I would be open to other routes however. About me: I'm a 24 y/o male, friendly, love the mountains. I've been skiing over in Chamonix for the last two seasons. Love everything about skiiing and climbing. My Seattle friends have been reporting good weather recently, so hopefully we will have a good window. If your interested shoot me a message. Cheers, Phil