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  1. Hood this Sunday

    Looks like Sunday will be mostly sunny and little wind. Not much new snow coming in either. Could be a good day to burn some of those turkey calories. Pm if interested.
  2. Mountaineering partners spring/summer

    PM sent, also recently moved to Portland and looking to build a community.
  3. Climber partner needed this summer

    PM Sent
  4. Mt. Hood?

    Hi Dmitriy, While the Mazamas have a great training program, it's based in Portland (from what I understand), and pretty time intensive, so probably not convenient for you. There are multiple ways to start climbing: - Find someone experienced willing to teach you the ropes (aka a "mentor"), around your area. Pro's: cheap, potentially super rewarding. Con's: not easy to find someone. - Take lessons from guide service, there is a wide variety in the Portland and Seattle areas, so I'm sure the same is true in Vancouver. Pro's: when you want, where you want, excellent technically. Con's: expensive. - Find a climbing community group in your area (a la Mazamas) that can bridge the gap between the 2 options above. Depends on what's available in Vancouver. To you specific questions, my 2 cents: 1- I would agree Mt Hood is a good starting ground,but just like many other summits in the region. 2- I would really advise against going up Hood as beginners, for the 1st time, without guidance. If you were experienced, sure, but it's still a technical climb, with avalanche hazard, steep sections and although it's on the easy side compared to other summits, people die every once in a while. 3- Check out the equipment list from the various guide services, those are good starting points (eg: http://timberlinemtguides.com/equip-lists/oregon-california-cascades-equipment-list/) 4- See above. Good luck! I'm a beginner myself and looking to get some experience in the area as well.
  5. [TR] Mt. Hood - South Side Route 5/1/2014

    Thanks for the report and pictures. I had plans to go May 3 with a more experienced buddy, but given the avalanche risk we decided not to. How were the conditions? Was avalanche risk something you considered? Thanks!
  6. Newbie LF newbies to start alpine courses

    Ha, done and done: I have the cordelette for practicing knots, and plowed through the Freedom of the Hills. I am now officially a guide's worse nightmare: the guy that's read a few books and thinks he knows something. I am training for mountain climbing though, so maybe that'll offset my ignorance. Thanks again
  7. Newbie LF newbies to start alpine courses

    Appreciate the tips, I did not know about IMG and RMI, so thanks much.
  8. Hello, Recently moved in the PNW (Portland) and looking to start alpine climbing. I want to sign up for day courses here and there to get started (eg the Timberline Guides day courses, $180/person/day), to cope with work and family schedule, and would love to get a small group started so we can learn together. Let me know if interested and we can work out the details.