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  1. Congrats on your first climbs at Washington Pass! That's an amazing area and I'm excited for the Liberty Bell Conservation Iniative! Not to be the LNT police (or maybe a little), but did you guys end up camping on completely vegetation-free areas? From your photos it looks like backpacks are on grass. I think this area gets more and more use every week and needs extra extra special attention to strict LNT practices. Have fun out there!
  2. Mt Stuart death

    https://www.kxly.com/news/climber-dies-in-fall-at-mt-stuart/758393274 My deepest condolences to the people who knew this person.
  3. [TR] Mount Rainier - Kautz 06/24/2018

    Glad you got down the DC safely at that time!! Oh, Dad...
  4. Do you any of you do anything special for the summer solstice?
  5. for sale All sold

    Cruxes/Cruces SOLD! Technos still up for grabs!
  6. for sale All sold

    1 - NEW W/tags Women's Scarpa Crux approach shoes - size 39.5 SOLD Never worn outside. $55 -- this is the best price you'll find for this shoe new! Local (Seattle) pickup or buyer pays shipping. 2 - Women's Scarpa Techno X rock shoes - size 39.5 Lace-up rock shoes, great for trad routes! An OutdoorGearLab TOP PICK! I wore these on a few multipitches in 2016, loved them except..they are just too damned tight for me and after a pitch or two, my feet would be in too much pain. Soles are in great shape, lots and lots of life in these!! $50 you pick up. Message or call/text me at 360-224-7783 Thanks for looking! Alisse
  7. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    Happy birthday to her!
  8. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

  9. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    No climbing talk, this is the spray section!
  10. Looking for suggestions

    Had to look up YMMV, good one to know. I like walking, and I'm interested in a Maude/7FJ thing, but I think I'm going to go do something shorter to have more time with my folks this weekend. May have found some partners to go check out/adventure/maybe get scared on Pilchuck! I'll report back :-) @JasonG Pics or it didn't happen!
  11. I would like to go skiing on Saturday. Do you have any suggestions for me with our current conditions? - Summit - More than 7,000 feet of gain - North of Highway 2 - Carrying for awhile, even through alder no problem - Few humans +10 I know something on Baker might be obvious, but I'm looking for other ideas! Thanks :-)
  12. Looking for suggestions

    @JasonG + others: I know this one doesn't meet my requirements, but what do you guess I'd find if I went up to look at the Gunsight on Pilchuck? I'd get a bit more elevation gain to do with the road being gated down below...I'm just curious about the snow coverage. I'd bring a short rappel setup for open waterfalls, etc. as I'd be interested in trying to do the full descent down to Heather Lake. Thoughts?
  13. Buckner NF 6/17-18

    Dumb ol work that I can't get out of... Have fun and report back!!
  14. Looking for suggestions

    @JasonG Thanks for your response. I actually skiied about 1/4ish of the WSG route two times earlier in the spring but decided to bail both times (uncertainty about snow stability).... That creek area would indeed be hellish now! Enjoy the good weather this weekend!
  15. Looking for suggestions

    @JasonG Have you ever skied the North Face of Maude (in Volken)?
  16. Adams Ski Questions

    Welcome! Some friends of mine skied the South Spur route yesterday and this is what one of them said about the conditions: No corn to speak of, was more early season conditions with wind-blown powder and ice. Hope that is helpful in some way! Enjoy the SW Chutes!
  17. Trip: Sahale Mountain/Peak - Quien Sabe and Sahale Glaciers Trip Date: 05/27/2018 Trip Report: What a trip! What a day! We got excellent conditions and fantastic weather, we got Boston Basin all to ourselves, and we got to ski from the bottom of the snow-free summit pyramid to within a 3-minute walk to the Cascade Pass trailhead. Amazing! Cascade River Road is still gated, so we parked at the gate and at 4:15ish in the morning, set off up the road to the Boston Basin trailhead. Carrying skis through the downed trees and minor bushwack was not the best part of the trip. Crossing Midas Creek was not bad. Got up onto the ridge right before Boston Basin and switched to skinning (finally!). The morning's low clouds began lifting, creating some beautiful effects. Skinning conditions were perfect, styrofoam snow with good ski crampon bites. The Quien Sabe Glacier was in great shape, very few open crevasses (especially our route) so we picked a line that never had us above any open ones. We felt comfortable being unroped until we got up to where it steepens before the Boston-Sahale col; here we switched to crampons/axe/rope/glacier mode. Definitely some more open ones up there, although peering over the edge, it appeared to be more like a big sink-hole with a not-too-deep bottom, but I wasn't about to jump in and test the "floor." Up at the col, we were dismayed to see the giant cornices. Hmmm. Hmmm. We've seen the diagrams of cornice "roots" and we know the danger of cornices. Cornice on one side, steep snow on the other with moats and scary things down below. We weighed the options and talked about the risks, the concerns, the (excellent firm) snow conditions, the (now over the horizon) sun. In the end, we chose what was not the absolutely most conservative decision. I'm still thinking about this one. We picked our way up and as far away from the cornice as possible, getting excellent axe and whippet bites, excellent secure feet. We took our time -- no-fall zone. We got up and over that slope, and could clearly see the summit block now with some less-steep snow and the rock scramble. The snow here was less firm and so I deadmanned a picket before stepping up onto a snowpatch, and then used my 5 slings to protect the rocky section as we continued up. I think we summitted around 11:45 am. The summit views were AMAZING!!! We hung out on top for around 30 minutes, then made the one rappel down to the soft snow of the Sahale Glacier. It was a full 30m rappel to the snow. Few crevasses, nice snow, and some fun terrain had us hooting down the glacier and then the Sahale Arm. Saw my first marmot of the season (!) lounging and enjoying views of Johannesburg. We were able to stay in the drainage out Cascade Pass and there was continuous snow almost entirely to the Cascade Pass parking lot! Incredible. Got back to the car around 2:50 and drank beers and smorgasborded. The worst part was finding out at home that my skis now, too, have become victims of the sticky pollen! I had just waxed them, too. Gear Notes: approach shoes, ski crampons, aluminum axe and crampons, crevasse rescue gear, 60m half rope Approach Notes: Boston Basin trail with skis...type 2 fun
  18. Here is a (cropped) photo from a 30-second walk to the Cascade Pass parking lot/TH. Lots of avy debris (easy to ski in the afternoon) but I think it'll be pretty good even now.
  19. [TR] Mount Shuksan - Price Glacier 05/27/2018

    Great TR -- sounds like an awesome outing, happy birthday! 🎂
  20. I guess it depends on what kind of adventure you want Cascade Pass would definitely be the easiest way! We saw 0 people heading up to/in Boston Basin until we were on the summit (then we saw a group of 3 at the very base of the glacier) but as we got onto the Sahale Glacier, we saw probably 10 people....
  21. Love those ski descents
  22. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Sunset Ridge 05/25/2018

  23. Sahale Quien Sabe?

    Today we went in through Boston Basin, summitted Sahale, and skiied out via Cascade Pass. The Quien Sabe glacier was in great shape, very few crevasses. Skinning was great, firm snow, great for ski crampons. I bet it was excellent skiing. I'll post a TR later today.