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  1. Weekday ski/alpine partners needed

    Sweet! Could you shoot me a text so we can be in touch by phone? My number is in my original post. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for posting this!
  3. TLT 7 boot liner replacements

    Thanks for the reply. I went to the backcountry.com store and was able to confirm that the medium volume Pro Tongues in the same size as my shells do fit -- did have to adjust the buckle ladder thing, though. Interesting point about the warmth. I will definitely be molding these with my thinnest socks, and I will probably still use the old stock liners for easy descents.
  4. Hey! I need to replace my TLT 7 boot liners, and I want something stiffer than what came in the boots originally. A trusted person recommended Intuition Pro Tongue liners...but they've only used them in TLT 6s. Anyone out there have experience with this liner + boot combo? Or just the liners, and have some thoughts/review? Thanks!! Alisse
  5. Skins - maintenance

    I could google this, but this is more interesting! Other than completely drying the skins, trying to pick pine needles etc out of the glue, re-cheat-sheeting and rolling them loosely to store, do you do anything else to extend the life of your skins? Someone once mentioned some washing, but I didn't look into it. My new-in-December BD skins are starting to feel...fuzzy in a certain way. I want them to last!! Thanks :-)
  6. Make an offer! I'm leaving WA next Monday!
  7. Text for photos! 1 - Osprey W's medium backpack in like-new condition (used once; too small). Aura AG 65, Challenger Blue. Go climb Challenger with it! $150. Retails for like $200, screamin' deal! Osprey anti-gravity support system + Osprey All-Mighty lifetime warranty!! 2 - Older Stubai Hornet ice tool. Bent shaft, leashed, hammer. Pick and spike in good condition, hardly filed. Some wear on grip. $20! 3 - Schwinn floor bike pump with gauge. Like new, has Presta and A header valve adapters. $15 Call/text 36022477eightthree. Local Seattle pickup only. I'm located in Ballard and work in Capitol Hill regular hours.
  8. Snow snow snow

    Didn't get any action shots, but the powder was fun yesterday near Steven's! Beautiful day, fresh snow, thick trees, views of Daniel and Hinman, fun people... Life is good!!
  9. Snow snow snow

    Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Seattle WA 302 PM PDT Sat Oct 27 2018 WAZ567-568-281200- Cascades of Whatcom and Skagit Counties- Cascades of Snohomish and King Counties- 302 PM PDT Sat Oct 27 2018 ...SNOW IS LIKELY FOR THE HIGHER ELEVATIONS OF WASHINGTON PASS IN THE NORTH CASCADES LATE SATURDAY NIGHT INTO SUNDAY MORNING... ...SOME SNOW IS LIKELY AT STEVENS PASS MIDDAY SUNDAY THROUGH SUNDAY EVENING... Five to eight inches of snow are possible for elevations above 5500 feet in the Cascades of Whatcom and Skagit Counties late tonight into Sunday. This amount of snow may result in accumulations at higher elevations of Washington Pass. 😃😃😃😃❄❄❄❄🎿
  10. Snow snow snow

    That sounds amazing, too. Enjoy! There'll be a good base when you get back (hopefully).
  11. [TR] Lundin - Southeast Ridge 11/17/2018

    Looks like a fantastic trip!
  12. Snow snow snow

    @JasonG Stoked for snow yet?
  13. Trad anchors

    The number of exclamation marks should have tipped you off to the sarcasm. Or at least it was meant to.
  14. Cebe Trilogy helmet

    Hey, does anyone know where I can find a Cebe Trilogy helmet to purchase within the US? And ideally, not $300.... This is a helmet that is CE EN certified for skiing, climbing, and cycling:
  15. I can't believe he did that, either. @JasonG untag it!!
  16. Snow snow snow

    I just noticed the sideways bus/van.... where is this?
  17. Snow snow snow

    Check this out! https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/forecast/webcams/mount-rainier_united-states-of-america_5807840 Click on one of the cams... they have put together time lapse compilations You can find webcams that are online near a lot of different areas.
  18. Best phishing email ever

    This has absolutely 0 to do with climbing. Got this email at my work address. It is so good. -- Hi, my victim.I write you because I embed a malware on the web page with porn which you have viewed.My malware captured all your personal data and switched on your web cam which recorded the process of your masturbation. Just after that the malware saved your contact list.I will remove the compromising video and info if you pay me 999 USD in bitcoin. This is address for payment : 1667E8aJSWCGayCxjezVSThSeaCQhMKrEfI give you 30 hours after you view my message for making the transaction.As soon as you open the message I'll see it immediately.It is not necessary to tell me that you have sent money to me. This address is connected to you, my system will erased automatically after transfer confirmation.If you need 50h just Open the calculator on your desktop and press +++If you don't pay, I'll send dirt to all your contacts. Let me remind you-I see what you're doing!You can visit the police office but nobody can't help you. If you try to deceive me , I'll know it immediately! I don't live in your country. So anybody can not track my whereabouts even for 9 months.bye. Don't forget about the disgrace and to ignore, Your life can be destroyed.
  19. Best phishing email ever

    I'll take all the laughs I can get! Glad to provide.
  20. [TR] Mt Jefferson - South Ridge 10/22/2018

    Nice! Looks beautiful... glad you got to get out
  21. Best phishing email ever

    This is an amazing spin on a classic! Assaulted and murdered by a band of northern pigmies ERU bless. EDIT: my coworker, who I shared this with, just informed me that it's a complete LOTR thing. That went completely over my head, but that doesn't surprise me...
  22. I can't tell -- is this marked best of CC?