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  1. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 07/19/2020

    Hey @DPS He was not with Jason, I think he was with a Dave or a Tom... I'm embarrassed the name didn't stick.
  2. Hello! A friend and I are planning to do the Ptarmigan Traverse on skis next week, likely Tuesday-Friday, hopefully including Dome. We both have plans this weekend so on Monday we'll finalize things. Weather for next week looks fairly stable at this point, though. If you're interested in joining us, get in touch! Of course, we'll want to know about your climbing and skiing experience ๐Ÿ™‚ Alisse
  3. [TR] Mt. Index - North Norwegian 06/25/2020

    Fun TR, love the first photo of Lani ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Never, Michael! I refuse to believe it
  5. Trip: Mt. Daniel - Daniel and Lynch Glaciers Trip Date: 07/06/2020 Trip Report: I had a great couple of days out in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness with my skis, getting about 3800' skiing, a new summit, blue skies, and lots of peace and quiet. Scatter Creek was still flowing enough that I didn't want to see if my Civic could drown/be swept away. So I started my Sunday by walking the road for three miles, to the Cathedral Pass trailhead. The views started early. Cathedral Rock and some of Daniel behind, from the road! I couldn't really start skinning until about ten minutes from Cathedral Pass. Ah well... the views from the west side of the pass were incredible, down into Deep Lake. Deep Lake Wow, what a beautiful basin! I skinned up the boot track to 7000' and peeked over at views of Rainier and the Chimney Rock group, then got some pretty fun turns down to my camp near Peggy's Pond at 5500'. Pretty good view from where I set up camp... Cathedral Rock and STU! The next morning I went up and over and down and up and down and up the summit of Daniel. More carrying... So dang nice! Hinman. I'll be back for you earlier in the year, next year... and then skiied the Lynch Glacier -- super fun, great snow, not a soul anywhere all day. It was a sea of clouds to the north of Daniel, and I could barely see Baker and Glacier out there. The top of Forbidden was poking out, too. Oh yes, this will be excellent... Pea Soup Lake under the cloud layer Skiing the Daniel "glacier" (is there actually a glacier here?) had less than awesome snow, as expected, but it wasn't sticky, so..good enough! Beautiful, beautiful... About the slay the slush A soul-satisfying time. Gear Notes: I brought whippet, light axe, light pons, and ski pons. Definite overkill... Approach Notes: Up and over and down and up and down and up!
  6. [TR] Mount Formidable - South Route 07/05/2020

    Looks like a good adventure!
  7. I hadn't heard of this -- thanks for the TR! Glad you're getting out
  8. Still available, work well for summer turns!
  9. I enjoyed reading this, and maybe you will, too: https://blog.nols.edu/2020/04/06/patience-in-the-mountains
  10. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    Old phone cord, haven't seen one of those in many years. That website you linked to reminded me to add rope rug making to my list!
  11. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    Maybe, probably? I haven't seriously looked into it. Trying to keep a dying forum alive
  12. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    Love the thread! Tinkering with gear... something low-risk we can do at home! Let's see... I won't take credit for coming up with this: when the foam grips on my ski poles started coming off, I tore them off completely and replaced them with rubber electrical tape -- and extended them further down the pole to give me more options for where to grip it. I would love to hear what other people have done to create a secure water bottle holder on a backpack shoulder strap.
  13. [TR] Sloan Peak - Superalpine 03/15/2020

    Nice work! ๐Ÿ‘ Oh, wind slab... Backing off sounds it was the smart choice. Your wisdom will carry you into old age in the alpine!
  14. Way to make it happen! Didn't take long...
  15. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    @aaronohn was up there last Sunday.......
  16. Glad you're okay! Going to read the blog post now...
  17. Homemade cookies, that's +5 partner points for sure!
  18. for sale SOLD

    FOR SALE1 - Backcountry Access TRACKER 2 beacon. Three antennae beacon. Used, good condition, all functions including range work as expected/to my standards. I've always handled this with care, never dropped/slammed around. I'll throw in for FREE the new-this-winter batteries -- 92%! $125 2 - Backcountry Access aluminum probe, 240 cm. Used, some scratches, but working condition. $40 3 - Black Diamond Factor 130 boots. Mondo: 24. BSL: 287 mm. Currently they have tech soles (can be swapped out for alpine soles). Used, good condition. BOA system functional, some cosmetic scratches, buckles all good. I've always taken the footbeds and liners out to dry after using them, then stored them buckled up tight. Liners have not been heat molded. Stiff boot! $75 Please send me a message for more photos!I'm located in Seattle, happy to meet you somewhere. Willing to ship.Thanks!Alisse
  19. Awwwww yeah!! Glad to see you stoked on the skiing, @JasonG
  20. Saturday around 6:30 AM as I walked to my car, I came across a pair of AT ski boots strewn in the grass next to the sidewalk near E Mercer St and 13th Ave E. I didn't see any other gear around, and I didn't see any signs of a break-in/broken glass. I know that the owner is probably sincerely missing their boots! Contact me if you think these are your missing boots.
  21. [TR] Stevens Pass - Yodelin 02/17/2020

    Yahoo! My friend Deb and I were out there, too, I'm sure we chatted at some point. It was a stupendous day! Face shot after face shot!
  22. Knots

    This caught my eye with the figure eight ..https://www.npr.org/2020/01/02/793050811/a-knotty-problem-solved Advance apologies for how related to climbing this is!
  23. I am selling a NEW Patagonia women's small Nano-air hoody in color "strait blue." It is too small for me. I tried it on once; the tags are still attached. $160 firm.- Stretchy, breathable fabric combines a plain-weave liner, 60g warm-when-wet synthetic insulation and a weather-shedding ripstop shell with a durable water repellent (DWR)- 60g FullRangeยฎ insulation warms and stretches; combined with the shell and lining, this creates excellent mechanical stretch and unprecedented air permeability (40 CFM)- Soft, supple feel and full mechanical stretch allow uninhibited range of motion and an updated, athletic fit over base layers- Articulated patterning and quilting improve shape and durability- Trim, stretchy hood with elastic binding fits snugly, yet also still fits over low-profile helmets- Above-harness handwarmer pockets and smaller chest pocket all close with trim, low-bulk zippers- Center-front zipper has a stormflap and zipper garage for next-to-skin comfort- Dual-adjustable drawcord hem seals in warmth; refined cuffs feature sleek, low-bulk, stretch-knit insetsI bought it on Enwild.com and as they don't have a larger size, and I don't want store credit, it makes more sense for me to see if I can sell it here to recup the cost.I got a free Enwild unisex XS t-shirt with the purchase. If you want it, I will throw that in for free.