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  1. How did I miss this TR, @JasonG?! Looks fun, going to add Jupiter to the list! My bike lacks both disc brakes and suspension....pure road bike. What were you on?
  2. Washington recs for 5-12 mile snowshoe route?

    Welcome to Washington @Josh c! You have probably already perused http://www.wta.org but if not, I recommend it! I think you may even be able to filter the hikes with something like "snowshoe" ... maybe. I assume you're also familiar with http://www.nwac.us? Have fun out there!
  3. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    @Eli Spitulnik Glad you guys made it down safely! Congrats on a home court classic. πŸ™‚
  4. Guess I wasn't logged in, and it gave me an error message... weird. Pics (pardon my bad photo editing skills with trying to balance the white):
  5. Yes, love the golden eagle photo!
  6. Amen to this. Most white-knuckled driving I've ever done, that late afternoon on the 25th. I think I convinced my friend to get winter tires and chains/socks/whatever for her AWD Subie. A friend ended up loaning his chains to another CRV that had pulled over halfway down iced-over road (the driver hopped in with my friend to the end of the ice, and then hiked the chains back up to their car to be able to get out safely). Nice compilation of resources
  7. Seeking conditions update on lane peak

    On Lane Peak? Without a doubt, I think!

    It's called that because when six inches of fresh grace the hills, you gotta bring your rock skis, riiiiight?!
  9. Congrats on a classic! And solo. Dang, I would not have wanted to downclimb Winnie's Slide in late season!
  10. What a great way to turn up the adventure for West Mac! Glad you got this TR up, and I especially love the photo that is right after "Steve with the veggie belays"!
  11. I personally think Jason's suggestion of land mines is definitely the solution here.
  12. Awesome! Nice work, great TR and photos!
  13. for sale SOLD

    Had some big wall dreams, used these a small handful of times, but now they've been hanging out in the gear box (dry closet)... Time for a new home! Metolius 5-step aiders (2): $20 for the pair, excellent condition. Pick up in Seattle or meet in the Cascades. I would have to figure out the extra cost if you want me to ship. Thanks! Alisse Three six O 2247783
  14. Love this TR and how you typically include all the beautiful details of sunlight and darkness and weather and little details ☺️ could you have seen a marten? I saw what I'm pretty sure was a pine marten on section J in 2014. Two of my all-time favorite photos...(it's so damned cute):
  15. @aaronohn may be looking for someone for this coming weekend, if you didn't find someone last weekend!
  16. Trip: Forbidden - E Ridge Direct Trip Date: 08/26/2020 Trip Report: Deb and I climbed the E Ridge Direct route on Forbidden on Wednesday. It was an absolute blast, a perfect day of climbing! We were able to get Boston Basin permits, and although sure, you can do these climbs car to car without issues, why not camp in such an amazing place if you can? Deb hadn't been up the Boston Basin trail before and I was SHOCKED at how much more defined the trail was and how much easier it was this time than last May carrying my skis up. Who woulda thought?! We got up there in a little over 2 hours and enjoyed the sunset light and drank some beers I'd packed up. No skeeters! And so little snow. In the dark, we watched as SIX headlamps slowly made their way down... wow. I stayed up to see what had happened. Turns out, nothing! "Just a lot of parties on the west ridge, traffic jams on rappels..." Dang. We got moving a bit before 7 the next day and although we brought aluminum pons and light axes, the super hard snow gave us reason for finding a more creative route around the snowfields up to the choss and notch where the route starts. It took us about an hour and a half or so to get from camp to the notch and soon we were simulclimbing on excellent rock along an amazing ridge in such an incredible place. SO FUN! I took us as direct a line as possible, over the 5.7 stuff, some awesome knife-edge type ridge walking, and then we stopped to belay the 5.8 (it was just a couple bouldery moves) final gendarme bit. It's cool that most of the little towers can be downclimbed; it's too bad there is the one mandatory short rappel. I was happy that I was able to lead everything in my approach shoes without a problem. Deb took the rack and we simuled the rest of the ridge to the summit! It took us about 4 hours from notch to summit, which was definitely on the longer side of what I expected, but fine! Summit views were of course amazing.... The East Ledges descent was not a problem at all and Deb and I were both scratching our heads about how it has such a nasty reputation. Maybe if you got seriously off route it could be scary? I guess it all depends on experience, exposure to exposure, etc. etc. but for us, it was no problem. All the raps pulled cleanly and nary a pebble fell upon us. We got back to the notch approximately 2 hours from leaving the summit. The snow was soft at this point, so we took a snowfield down, and then avoided 4th class terrain by descending further to the west and then onto slabs. On the way out, we came around a corner to see a BEAR which was super awesome. He looked young to me, maybe 1-2 years old? Cutie pie. He was startled and trotted off, then we watched him cross Morning Star Creek and then on the other side, paw some boulder off and dig around. A fantastic way to end our time in Boston Basin.... Camera came out a bit late...can you spot the bear? I enjoyed this climb much more than the West Ridge. I think I will definitely be back to repeat it. And we got it ALL TO OURSELVES! Thank you, Deb, for being a fantastic climbing partner Gear Notes: Lots of double-length slings! We brought a 60m single rope which we shortened for the simulclimbing -- I think this was actually the right choice for us, over doubling a 60m twin/half. Medium rack to keep the simuling going... but lots of horns and towers and things on the ridge, so I felt like a lot of the terrain was providing protection! Approach Notes: Up, over, up, over, up.
  17. Awesome!! Looks like a great day! I love that area :-)
  18. [TR] Triumph - NE Ridge 08/23/2020

    Glad you got up there, nice work! I loved that climb.... but you missed out on an amazing bivy! Good thinking on leaving the .75
  19. [TR] Inspiration Peak - East Ridge 08/16/2020

    Nice work! I've only been to Terror Basin once, but it made a big impression on me. So lovely!
  20. [TR] Das Toof - The Tooth Fairy, 5.9+ 08/15/2019

    Finally got out on this route yesterday (first technical rock I've been on in nearly a year, oof) and it was great! So cool to have a route like this so close to Seattle. It will only get better as more people climb it, but the lichen adds to the character for now. Looks like a lot of work was put in cleaning it up, not a whole lot of loose stuff. Fun route! Go get it!
  21. Awesome! Looks like fun and a really cool alternative to the standard up and down.
  22. Dorking around, I represent that! ;-)