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  1. Nice work, Ilia and Allie! Great TR and pics!!
  2. Anyone, anyone? Please and thank you! Alisse
  3. Thank you! I should have thought to look on that site... I will next time. Thanks
  4. [TR] Liberty Bell - Beckey Route 5/10/2015

    Thank you!! What did you wear on your feet for the approach up the drainage and how'd it work for you?
  5. WTB: BD C4...#3

    Looking for a number three C4. Even if the sling is not in good shape; I'm sending in some others to get reslung. Please send good photos and details. Thanks! I can pick up in the Seattle area. Alisse
  6. Hey all, I heard that there was an accident in Mazama over the weekend in which someone fell quite a distance but they are in stable condition. Any other info out there? Thanks in advance! Alisse
  7. WTB: Mastercams and C4s

    I'm looking for gently used... Mastercams: 1, 2, and 3 C4s: .5, 1, 2, and 3 Thanks for helping me start my rack! Alisse
  8. Trip: Leavenworth - Snow Creek Wall - Outer Space Date: 3/7/2015 Trip Report: Hello! This is my first trip report on Cascade Climbers, so please let me know if it's useful or useless, overly or under-detailed, etc! Four of us of went out Saturday morning to try our hand at Outer Space. I was half of the second party, and I stepped onto the wall at the great hour of...10:30. We decided around 330 to turn around: the walk-off decent off to the south would be icy or not good for us, and we did not have great information on the rappel route over to Pearly Gates. Anyway, we made it to the top of the fourth pitch (5.6). The important information is that there is snow on most of the ledges and on part of the route (notably, the fourth pitch) and snowmelt/running water in several cracks and on some of the slabs. Fun! At the top of the third pitch (5.9), we found a gear anchor that apparently a party sometime before us rappeled off, I guess upon seeing the snow-covered slab at the beginning of pitch 4... (I have most of that anchor, if it's your gear, let me know and I'll return it.) A good day, beautiful weather, and we made it back to the TH by...745, I think. Gear Notes: "Standard rack to 3 inches" I think is what the guidebook says...worked for us. Approach Notes: The trail: compact snow and rather icy in the morning; we had no "traction devices" or trekking poles to assist but we made it just fine. Not too tricky to find where the climber's trail begins off of the main trail. A little fun finding a good route to cross the creek, lots of snow -- some postholing ensued.
  9. Ticks: So, so, so bad. Among four people, I think we've picked off an average of three ticks per person, maybe more. I found a total of five on my scalp throughout the trip, one person found one on her scalp today -- four days after the climb!! I know SCW is famous for them, but cowboy camping at Barney's Rubble probably didn't help.... But really, snow on the route yet ticks abound? Lame. Photos: I have lots but don't know how to post them without first uploading them to some web space hyper cloud?! Temps: of the sending variety! Sunny but cool. It was excellent.
  10. Wanted: glacier glasses

    Whatcha got? Please be in Seattle. You can also email me at alisse.b.cassell at gmail dot com. Thanks! Alisse