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  1. I get a security error message when I click the link. Anyone else getting that?
  2. Skins - maintenance

    This is great! My skins are in great shape right now but I'm going to email this to myself for when they need to be reglued. Any tricks for getting a smattering of pine needles, etc. out of the glue? I've just been using tweezers, often.
  3. Hey all! I bought two tickets for some friends who had already bought theirs so I'm trying to find people to pass these onto. I paid ~$12.50 with fees per ticket; if i could recuperate that, it would be cool. I can transfer the e-ticket via Brown Paper Tickets, so you don't even have to meet me :-) (word to the wise: the raffle items are bona fide epic too) I take out the route info, it says cross the heather, the map shows it going to the right. I head off. the entire way, I pass rap slings around blocks and small trees every 30 meters. I know I can bail if I have to. I'm solo, but I got my harness on with 2 screws, some nuts, bail biners, slings, and a couple pitons to hammer in the rock if I get f***ed and have to bail. I guess I was pretty driven, common sense failed me, I pulled through some hard dangerous moves grabbing snow covered edges, tools clipped to my harness, All of a sudden I'm standing on this little 3 inch edge with no hand holds except a flaring shitty undercling. My feet slip. I'm stuck. I can't go anywhere, I search for edges and cracks to get my tool in, to get out of this mess. My feet slip again... CLIMBING EPICS Stories from the edge of a cliff, to the edge of your couch... TUESDAY APRIL 24 This storytelling competition is open to anyone with a five minute story to share on the night’s theme “Climbing Epics.” Come tell a story, or just enjoy the show! Beer from Georgetown Brewing is provided by the American Alpine Club and wine has been donated by Union Wine Company. All proceeds benefit the Liberty Bell Conservation Initiative. Tuesday, April 24 / 6:30 - 10:30 PM Fremont Abbey Arts Center 4272 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
  4. Skins - maintenance

    Funny that you post this; one of my friends had to fashion exactly that on Sunday! I'm thinking I should get a second ski strap for this possibility! Maybe the booty gods will help me out... Hose clamp? Pardon my lack of imagination, but how have you used that? Thanks 😊
  5. Skins - maintenance

    @Bronco @JasonG off-topic, but on longer/more committed ski tours, what kinds of tools (if any) do you bring? I guess the question is..what is most likely to break with tech bindings/skis/boots/poles? Or maybe this question is too specific to models... I have a little relatively lighy multitool, but I'm not sure if I could get away with something lighter... Thanks in advance!
  6. There's about a foot and a half of snow out of the parking lot. I took a lot of photos but they're on my camera and I don't have a way here at home to upload them. I'll post a few once I get them off the camera.
  7. Trip: Mount St Helens - Worm Flows Trip Date: 04/22/2018 Trip Report: One million of my best friends and I were on MSH today. We left the Marble Mountain SnoPark at 3:30 AM, able to ski from the parking lot! I got a whole lot of practice with my ski crampons! Up to the crater rim a bit past 9, hung out in the sun for about an hour and a half, then skiied some amazing AMAZING snow -- ah yes, this is what they call corn -- under a bluebird sky!!!!!!! I love spring skiing!!! I got to ski most of it in a tank top and rolled-up pants. 😁😁😁 Got a little sticky toward the bottom of the fun, but not too bad. On a few of the steeper parts we skiied, we saw some rollerballs and one very small wet loose slide. What an amazing day!!! So much better than hiking Monitor Ridge in August! Gear Notes: Sunscreen, ski crampons, patience Approach Notes: Snow from the TH!
  8. for sale All sold

    Price drop on the Cruces!
  9. Ski Monday 4/9?

    Actually...I was fishing or trolling or some other term. That photo was from January. Sunday's snow was heavy wet grabby stuff. But no one took my bait!!!
  10. Ski Monday 4/9?

    Hey! Is anyone out there free and interested in skiing with me tomorrow, Monday, April 9th? I was thinking Yodelin. Please call or text, thanks!! Alisse 360-224-7773
  11. https://www.accessfund.org/take-action/campaigns/protect-indian-creek-climbing "In the wake of President Trump’s illegal reduction of Bears Ears National Monument, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is working to prepare a Monument Management Plan (MMP) for the reduced monument sub-units (Shash Jáa and Indian Creek). The MMP could further institutionalize the illegal National Monument reduction and will only protect about 15% of the original Bears Ears landscape. While we are still fighting the Bears Ears National Monument reduction in court, we must also participate in this MMP process, despite the fact that it is premature and based on an illegal action. We would like to see this issue settled in court before participating in a MMP process, however the climbing community must engage to ensure that the situation does not go from bad to worse. Climbers will need to fight for a voice in the planning process and to get fair representation on the mandated Monument Advisory Committee. Unlike the original Bears Ears National Monument proclamation, rock climbing is no longer acknowledged in President Trump’s illegal Proclamation 9681 that is the basis for this planning process. The stakes are very high—there are approximately 60 documented crags and towers, including a significant part of Indian Creek, within the reduced Shash Jáa and Indian Creek monument units. There are 2 ways that you can help:" CLIFFHANGER! Click on the link above to FIND OUT! PS one of the two ways is "Submit comments using the letter-writing tool below before April 11 to the BLM district office" -- click the link!
  12. Ski Monday 4/9?

    You all missed out on some amazing pow!
  13. Glad you got out there and had fun, Joseph!
  14. I am looking to add to my list of partners for adventures in the mountains! I've realized how different and great it is to get out with other women, so that's who this partner call is for I started sport climbing in 2011, quickly started traditional climbing, and then into some moderate glacier climbs and the volcanoes, some ice climbing, one aid pitch, and this is my third season backcountry skiing. I'm stoked about skiing!!! The objectives I'm most excited about are...climbing the North Ridge of Baker then skiing the Coleman-Deming, the Mary Green Glacier route on Bonanza, skiing Mount Deception and the surrounding area, exploring more off the Mountain Loop highway, exploring more of the Pickets (Inspiration? Challenger?), more off the Middle Fork, more in the Olympics... I live in Seattle. I have weekends off work and can usually take random days, too. I have a car that gets good gas mileage. My route finding skills aren't the best (although I study hard). Send me a message if you are also looking for new partners!! Alisse
  15. Ahhhh I understand now, I think: you aren't including the lower ridge pitches or the gendarme. Got it! Joa, I would highly recommend checking out Horseshoe Lake! I believe it is within the Stuart Zone. Lots of amazing boulders to play on and there's a cool wall with cracks in it that runs right into the lake on the far..west side? I think you could set a top rope from a tree and if you brought a pack raft, belay from the boat 😁 or a deep water solo?! Whatever you do, it should be a great time!
  16. Thanks for bringing this up!
  17. Is this a typo? I wish we'd found that variation on the north ridge!
  18. +1 for Kevin! We climbed the Grand Teton (complete Exum) and Hood (south side/old chute) together. Upstanding spray-free human and safe, competent, fit climbing partner.
  19. Roadless Rule

    Have you heard of the Roadless Rule? Kind of a catchy name. I hadn't heard of it until an email from a list..https://www.outdooralliance.org/blog/2018/2/23/threats-to-the-roadless-rule-put-backcountry-recreation-at-risk : "Right now, policy makers are taking the first steps to dismantle the Roadless Rule. If you’ve never heard of the Roadless Rule, you’re not alone. It’s an important conservation tool that protects many of our most valued backcountry recreation areas. Senator Murkowski (R-AK) recently introduced a measure that would eliminate protections for roadless areas in Alaska and the state of Alaska has filed a petition with the Department of Agriculture asking for an exemption to the Roadless Rule. These actions set the stage for other states to seek exemptions from the Roadless Rule, putting backcountry recreation at risk. National Forests provide lots of resources to Americans, including timber, fresh water and clean air, and access to outdoor recreation. Right now, about 50% of our National Forest land is open to drilling, logging, and mining; and 18% of is protected as designated Wilderness. The remaining 30% of forests are known as Roadless Areas. These remote landscapes are treasured by our community for the backcountry recreation they provide. These backcountry landscapes are governed by the Roadless Rule. The Roadless Rule was established in 2001 after enormous public outreach and was intended to “provide lasting protection in the context of multiple-use management” for the 60 million acres of roadless areas on our National Forests and Grasslands. What this means is that we cannot build new roads or harvest timber on these roadless areas, but they are still open for a range of recreational activities, including climbing, hiking, mountain biking, paddling, and backcountry skiing. While these areas are protected from new development, they are less restrictive than Wilderness areas in terms of what you can do there." I'm trying to find the latest ruling/decision but no luck so far..
  20. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    I haven't seen surprise -- but why not act concerned? Should we not be concerned?
  21. [TR] Chair Peak - North Face 03/03/2018

    Awesome! Looks like a great day, nice pics! Maybe I'm just not seeing something, or the photo was taken at a weird time, but I want to learn: In the last photo, I'm wondering why you didn't clip the blue sling with the red biner along with the silver one. In this moment, I can't figure it out. Halp! Thank you :-)
  22. Yes! I love the shot of the person covered in snow with a big smile! I got out that way this past weekend for the first time. Amazing place, so much to explore! I will be back...
  23. <Sweet pic of Arie with a grin on his face in the middle of a turn through cold powder> Windy Knob didn't live up to its name yesterday (thankfully) but it didn't disappoint: the snow was great and the skiing on moderate slopes we did was fantastic! Not a ton of other people, either. We encountered some small pockets of shallow, soft windslab alternating with scoured sections. On the way up, we dug a pit (so fast with such a low snowpack) but weren't entirely confident about interpreting the results of our tests so we stuck to conservative terrain. No avalanche activity, whompfing, or cracking was witnessed and we only saw evidence of a slide (small crown) on a far-off mountainside. East-side snowpack was so shallow, felt like early early season. Luckily the rocks were mostly covered and the biggest threats were sticks, logs, open creeks, and a skin glue issue.. A great day in the blue skies and sunshine!! I'm sad my photos are currently inaccessible.
  24. Beautiful shots!!! All the peaks dressed up in their finest white...
  25. Jolly Mt

    Snow snow snow!!! Anyone been up Jolly this winter? How is that Sno-park? (Will it be outrageous on a weekend/holiday?) Some info online and in the books, but it's more fun if you can share your story and pics!