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  1. Hey, I'm Looking for a partner or group to head up to Rainier next Monday or Tuesday, conditions permitting. The general idea would be to head up Sunday afternoon and camp in the hut, and then make a summit attempt either Monday or Tuesday via the the Gib Ledges.
  2. Trip: Mt. Hood - South Side Route Date: 5/1/2014 Trip Report: I'll keep this one short and simple since most people here are probably already familiar with the south side route. We departed Timberline around 2 AM. Mashed potato snow to begin with but it began to firm up to a comfortable degree by the time we reached the top of the lifts. Crampons on at this point. A ranger advised us to take the old chute route, telling us that the Pearly Gates had been blocked for quite some time. This was bad beta. Upon reaching the Pearly Gates, we found both the left and right chutes to be clear and open. The left chute was mostly iced over, and I was able to make it up thanks to having two ice tools. The other members of our group went up the right chute. I was the first to summit -- right around 6 AM. Following me was a Timberline guide and his two clients. A few minutes later I was joined by the three other members of my party. Great climbing conditions, great views, and great climbing partners (met here on CC.com)! Gear Notes: Crampons, Helmet, Ice Axe, Ice Tools, 4-Season Boots
  3. Mt Hood (late April - May)

    If there's still room in your group, I'm available starting Thursday afternoon. I was actually toying with the idea of climbing solo this Friday, but it wouldn't hurt to have company. As far as volcanoes go, I've done Shasta (winter), Lassen Peak (winter), McLoughlin (spring), St. Helens (winter x2), Middle Sister (winter), and Adams (early spring) previously. I also nearly made it to the summit of Rainier a few weeks ago but a member of our team had some issues which forced us to turn around. Bummer.
  4. Mt Hood on Feb 23

    Hey there, I'm also looking for someone to team up with to tackle Hood. I'm still a bit green myself, but I've done Adams (early spring), Shasta (winter), St. Helens (winter & spring), McLoughlin (winter), South Sister (late fall), and about 40 others including 15 or so Washington state bulgers. This weekend I plan to head down to CA and knock out Lassen. Normally I'd just do Hood solo but that 'schrund is a bit concerning. As such, it may be prudent to rope up for this one. This weekend may not be the best time to go, as stated above, but shoot me a message if you're still interested after the snow has stabilized a bit.