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  1. August alpine partners

    I could fill in 2-4 days from 8.17 (evening) to 8.20/21ish (depending on objective). Picketts would be incredible, smoke permitting. Game for trad leading up to 5.8 or so and moderate ice (happy to follow harder in both disciplines). Drop me a text if free. In and out of cell reception these next few days but will follow up when i can. -Jesse 978-two-10-7527
  2. Forbidden Peak - West Ridge - 8/19

    I actually have a boston basin camping permit for 8.19 and 8.20 but an injured partner. Could be game for a car to car or even heading up there and hitting mult objectives. I am at 978-two-10-7527. In and out of reception but drop me a text.
  3. Washington Partners aug 4-10

    Booked up now. Hope everyone has a great summer!
  4. Hey! I am a former portlander visiting seattle with a week to spare between aug 3 and 11 when i can drive anywhere from Seattle. If you want a partner in that range, could look to do aug 3 to whenever youd need to be back for work :). Dome peak is top of my list, but i am flexible. Lead alpine trad to 5.7/8ish but obviously can follow harder. Have a good deal of alpine experience, crevasse rescue training, etc. Of what you mentioned. Kautz may be out of my league unless I followed the ice pitches. Tahoma looks cool. Glacier and Jeffy are on my list, as is Adams Glacier. If you want to try and plan something, give me a call or text at 97821075(two)7!
  5. I am a former PNWer back in the PNW to play this summer. I have a week between landing in Seattle on Aug 3 and meeting my partner on Aug 11 in Olympia so lets climb. My sweet spot is simple glacial climbs with rock finishes (Dome, Torment, Bonanza, Sahale), but happy to mix things up and go all rock / cragging / backpacking, etc. Other ticklist climbs are glacier peak, the Valhalla traverse in ONP, anything on Baker, or even Jeffy / Washington in Oregon. Will be with a full rack, glacier gear, 60m dry rope, 2 person tent, and a rental car. Know crevasse rescue, lead alpine trad to 5.7 or so (and crag harder / sport into 5.10s), can solo steep snow but not experienced on technical ice, and eat post climb pizza at the 5.15 level. Reach out at 978 210 75(two)7 or jmarks07(at)gmail.com