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  1. Dog on Mt. St. Helens

    Thank you for posting this info. It is my friend's dog. The dog's name is George. He is a black and white English Shepherd with excellent trail experience. The icy conditions on Helens last weekend were a bit too much for him unfortunately. My friend got separated from his dog high up, couldn't coax George over to the Worm Flows route. He and his climbing partner began descending, as it was getting late in the day, was very windy and icy. They hoped the dog would follow. We are very glad to know that George did descend a little bit and hopefully continued to do so. There are flyers around the Mt. St. Helens area. If anyone is up on the mountain or in the vicinity on any of the roads or trails surrounding the mountain, please keep your eye out. Call me or the Skamania County Sheriff if you see or hear of anything, if you have any information. Katie: 320-905-3212 Skamania Sheriff: 509-427-5047