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  1. 3D Footage from Rainier

    Hey everybody, This was our first trip visiting Paradise @ Mt. Rainier with almost all snow melted (only been there previously outside summer hours). What a difference it makes. The main purpose of our visit was to get some 3D/HD/1080p footage (True 3D) while hiking the broader trails (Wonderland, Skyline, etc.) which we're looking to compile and post eventually. At present we've posted a video of the travel to Paradise (through Longmire and Nisqually entrance) if anyone is looking to visit and see what it's like before arriving. You can also watch in 2D, if you like. http://VisitYourWorld.org/sunny-mount-rainier Unfortunately, we didn't hit the peak of the wildflowers, but it was great trip as always. Hardly a cloud in the sky. All the best.