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  1. Anyone looking for a partner? Interested in mileage and safe safe days. Matt. 970 846 6616. Text me.
  2. ICE

    As it gets a little colder let me know if anyone wants to find some ice out there. I live in Leavenworth. 970 846 6616 text me. Matt.
  3. Hiked around the Icicle in Leavenworth today. Hubba Hubba routes are not quite in to the ground yet and pretty thin. A few cold night might help out. There is a slight inversion which is keeping the canyon a little warmer than town it seemed. Not much moisture for other routes in the canyon either. It seems like it just isn't cold enough and there isn't quite enough water for thinner smears and roadside routes. Drove by to look at Drury as well. It is still a waterfall with a few ribbons of ice. The pencil (I think)was not fully formed, but the middle was on its way as well. Anyone have any beta on the Methow? Temps looked colder there...
  4. Leavenworth-Index

    Living in Leavenworth. Always looking for new partners. Open to anything, focus on fun safe days from bouldering to alpine climbs. Value an honest partner when it comes to skills and experience. Text 970 846 6616
  5. Index or leavenworth

    Would be psyched to climb index or leavenworth tomorrow on 8-19. psyched for any type of climbing, mostly a safe fun day. matt hartman. 970 846 6616.
  6. Leavenworth

    I am around the leavenworth area for a few days if anyone is interested in climbing. interested in safe days and psyched on just about any type of climbing. -matt hartman matthewjhartman@hotmail.com
  7. Leavenworth Tues-Thurs

    Looking for a partner during this time period. I may have some commitments in town during one of the days, but could evening climb too. Looking for a safe day, love climbing 5.10's but could be swayed for other things too. -Matt Hartman 970 846 6616
  8. Vantage next week

    Thinking day trip from tuesday to friday. I live in seattle but would meet up with people there are well. interested in anything, mostly safe, full days. matt matthewjhartman@hotmail.com
  9. Looking for partners

    New to PNW, looking for springtime partners, ski or climb, rock or alpine. Interested in Vantage this spring and index when climbable. Live in seattle. Interested in all types and safe days. Generally interested in 5.10 mileage with more moderate and harder options as well. Psyched to climb. matthewjhartman@hotmail.com