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  1. For sale is a pair of Lowa Alpine Expert GTX mountaineering boots, men's size 12 (US). These are brand new boots, never used, with the tags still on, no defects. The original box was thrown away. MSRP is $440. From the Lowa website: A new take on a versatile all-around alpine boot, this insulated model’s design balances flexibility with durability, and excels in both hiking comfort and climbing performance. The Fit Wing features allows for easy ankle articulation, making it ideal for heavy backpacking trips as well as for mixed climbing. Automatic crampon-compatible. Durably waterproof/breathable. Upper: Mountaineering Split Leather/Microfiber Lining: GORE-TEX, PrimaLoft® 400g Insole: Insulate Pro Alu-Coated w/Fleece Midsole: DuraPU® Outsole: VIBRAM® Alp Trac® Ice Stabilizer: Mountaineering Hard Winter Weight: 870 g/Single Shoe Country of Origin: Italy Resoleable: Yes
  2. Salem area climbers for any time

    Just sent a pm
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a mountaineering partner to do some medium-difficulty routes in the Cascades this year. At the moment I'm hoping to do the Kautz Glacier route on Rainier July 13-15, ideally driving up there the evening of July 12. But I'm also interested in other dates and routes. I mostly have standard weekends off (could leave Friday evening, come back Sunday evening) with the occasional 3-day weekend. I'm also looking at Jefferson, Glacier Peak, the Adams Glacier route on Adams, Mt. Baker, and some other routes on Rainier such as the Tahoma Glacier. I'm also looking at some rocky peaks in WA such as north ridge of Mt. Stuart. I climb 5.12-5.13 indoors, 5.11 outdoors, and would be happy climbing/leading 5.9 or so in an alpine setting with a pack on. I'm a 32 year old guy in the Portland area. I have lots of mountaineering experience, mostly non-technical but some technical. I know how to safely do glacier travel, crevasse rescue, snow and ice up to 60 degrees or so, use ice screws and snow stakes, rock pro, etc. I'm up for climbing in a team of 2, or more, ideally not over 4. I have all the necessary gear including 60m dry rope, tent, ice screws, snow stakes, GPS, SOS device, etc. I also have a car and am happy to drive. Hope to hear from you guys! cheers, Kevin
  4. For sale is a pair of Evolv Raptors, US size 12, in like new condition. I have used them 3 times outdoors for a total of about 15-20 climbs. They have some very small scuffs from those climbs but they are still like new. No defects at all, I'm selling them because they're not the right shoe style for me. New price is $100 at REI, asking $50 (plus $5 shipping if not doing local pickup in Portland, OR).
  5. For sale is a pair of Evolv Raptors, US size 12, in like new condition. I have used them 3 times outdoors for a total of about 15-20 climbs. They have some very small scuffs from those climbs but they are still like new. No defects at all, I'm selling them because they're not the right shoe style for me. New price is $100 at REI, asking $55 (plus $5 shipping if not doing local pickup in Portland, OR). 5 photos attached!
  6. Garmin and Magellan GPS units for sale

    Both have sold, thanks for looking
  7. Garmin and Magellan GPS units for sale

    The Garmin has sold. The Magellan is still for sale.
  8. Garmin and Magellan GPS units for sale

    Hi all, I'm selling 2 GPS units. The first is a Garmin GPS60. I've had it about 8 years, and it still works very well. There are no software malfunctions or major damage to the unit. There are small scratches from ordinary wear, but the screen is in good shape, just some small scuffs, no gouges. The battery compartment still closes as it should, and the cable jacks still work like new. I did write my initials on the back in Sharpie. No batteries or cables included in the sale. I'm asking $50. The second is a Magellan eXporist 500. I've had it about 6 years, and it still works well. These models are known for being especially water resistant, even advertised as waterproof in some places though I'm usually reluctant to go that far. There are no software malfunctions. There are some signs of wear but all cosmetic. The screen is in good shape overall but has some small scratches, no big gouges in my opinion (see photos). The battery compartment still closes as it should, and the cable jacks still work like new. For sale is just the GPS unit, no batteries or cables. I'm asking $40 $5 to ship within the USA, standard USPS shipping, or you can pay extra for faster shipping. If you live in/near Portland, OR, I'm happy to meet up in person and let you try them. Thanks!
  9. Aarn Load Limo backpacking backpack (70+15L) $150

    The pack has been sold
  10. For sale is an Aarn Load Limo backpacking backpack, Small (70+15L capacity), and unisex. The shoulder straps are a M and the hip belt is the standard Small. It has been used for a total of about 50 days over the last 2.5 years and is still in good shape. There are some scuff marks from ordinary wear, and a small tear on one shoulder strap in an insignificant place but overall it's in great shape. If you are searching for an Aarn then I don't need to tell you how awesome they are. For those of you who don't know about them, they're a relatively new New Zealand brand that is getting a lot of attention. Their backpacks are waterproof thanks to a full-length waterproof liner that velcroes in. The backpacks are also the first mainstream backpack to distribute some of the weight to the front of the body thanks to 2 pouches which are worn on the chest and can carry up to 1/3 of the weight, can be made waterproof, and carry up to 15L. If you've ever felt like you're hunching forward when you carry a heavy pack, this may be of interest because it significantly improves posture and balance while hiking. These pouches attach in several places and their weight is supported by the hip strap, not the shoulder straps. The third unique feature of these bags is the weight-shifting capability. The hip strap firmly attaches to your hips but the backpack can shift left and right a bit due to a cord in the back that slides through a hole, so as you're scrambling up a steep slope or reaching for something, instead of the backpack pulling off your body and coming off your hips, the bag just shifts and your hip straps stay where they should. For most people, having the hip strap stay in place makes hiking a lot more comfortable. I'm selling this bag because I tend to take long trips and needed more capacity than 70L, there are no defects or flaws. The cord the slides through the hole in the back was replaced with a new one (by Aarn himself when I went to see him). I'm asking $150 for the backpack, and the front pouches are included. I paid $450 in Australia when I bought it new and it's still in great shape.
  11. Ski, Mountaineering, and Climbing Gear for Sale

    I sent a PM a couple day ago, are you still around? Things still for sale?
  12. Climber partner needed this summer

    Hey guys and gals, My name's Kevin, I'm 28, from the Portland area but living and working in conservation in Belize. I'll be home this summer in late July through early September, and would really like to get some good climbs in. I prefer snow/ice routes of moderate difficulty, preferably technical but on the easy to moderate side of the technical route spectrum. I've done a lot of climbing, but only a few technical climbs, and need practice and a good partner or 2. I do know what I'm doing and am confident at this level of difficulty. I'm open to ideas for climbs, but the ones I'm most excited about would be things like DC and Gib Ledges on Rainier, Yocum Ridge/Cathedral Ridge/Cooper Spur on Hood, Adams and Mazama Glacier routes on Adams, Hotlum Glacier on Shasta (with the ice chute at the top), the glacier routes up Middle and North Sister, any routes up Jefferson and Washington, etc. I have a good amount of snow/ice gear, not too much rock gear...and I do have transportation. I'm a laid back person and easy to get along with. I don't need my climbing partner to be a seasoned climbing veteran but you'd need to at least be confident climbing at or near this level. Please drop me a line and we can coordinate something! cheers, Kevin
  13. Rainier 5/10

    Interested in organizing similar climbs this August or early Sep.? Have you done Gib Ledges yet? I haven't done Rainier at all yet but am ready for it and just need a good partner to go with. I'm wanting to do Adams/Mazama glacier routes up Adams, Yocum Ridge/Cooper Spur/Cathedral Ridge up Hood, Hotlum Glacier route up Shasta, etc. If you're interested, PM me and we can coordinate something. I live and work in Belize at the moment and won't be home till late July but we can chat whenever. cheers, Kevin
  14. Alpine Partner?

    Interested in doing snow/ice climbs without big rock elements? I climb at 5.8-5.9 level but in alpine settings it's hard and I'm still learning. I'm confident in snow/ice climbs though, up to a moderate difficulty anyway, and would love to do some this August and early Sep., on Rainier, Adams, Hood, Shasta, and more. If you're interested, PM me. cheers! Kevin
  15. Partner for June 5th or 9th - Adams/Helens/Baker

    Any chance you want do the Adams glacier route (no ski descent) in August?? I know it's not exactly what you asked for, but if you're interested, please hit me up! I have most of the needed snow and ice gear, just need a partner. -Kevin