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  1. rock shoes found at Index Lower Wall 9-28-14

    are they tc pros with blown out toes?
  2. Climbing this weekend (July 4th)

    What do you have in mind? There's some easy stuff I'd like to do in WA Pass. Or W Ridge of Forbidden (tho I'm not familiar with what the conditions are like up there now).
  3. Had my first experience with aid climbing at Index yesterday (yes, in the rain). I'll be in Leavenworth this weekend and wanted to see if anyone could recommend a good route for practicing aid? Thanks!
  4. Nvm. Got some.
  5. [TR] Prusik Peak - West Ridge 6/14/2014

    Nice TR! My partner and I were hiking in Saturday as you were hiking out. We experienced the same high winds at night as you've described
  6. This is a solemn reminder that mountains do not care. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, how much you’ve prepared, how much you love the mountain. Just as the proper training will help us succeed, I'm learning we also need a heavy dose of luck. We don’t succeed on our own. We succeed because the mountain decided that today we get to enjoy its summit. My thoughts are with the fallen climbers and their friends and family.
  7. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Ice Cliff Glacier 5/11/2014

    nice report stephen. check out the vid:
  8. New Trip Report Tool - It's Beta

    i came here to write what gaucho wrote. it would be nice if all climbers could be "tagged" in a TR and that TR appear in our profile
  9. All my gear( climbing/camping) up for sale 4yr old

    any pics of the ascenders?
  10. Looking for Ice Cliff Glacier Beta

    here's us approaching the cornices: http://imgur.com/J9SBtyW we belayed from the large rock in the center. and climbed up around its right side: http://imgur.com/iSzxpDb. there was an anchor (bail anchor possibly?) made from a couple pins, webbing and lockers halfway up - that was the only pro. good luck! my partner is working on the TR
  11. Looking for Ice Cliff Glacier Beta

    We climbed the right side: http://m.imgur.com/P1Xzdul 4 screws was enough. The ice cliff and the cornice are the only sections we pitched out. It took us 1.5 hours to find the best option to get through the cornice, which was still terrifying! The bergshrund was not an issue, barely noticed it.
  12. Looking for Ice Cliff Glacier Beta

    I climbed the ICG Sunday. The cornice was no joke. Slushy snow covering rock up to it with no pro but some bail anchors half way. Soon it may be better to top out the cornice w/o crampons on. There was nothing falling down on us but there were avalanches and ice fall to climbers right above the ice cliff, no danger to anyone on the ICG. Shin deep snow most of the way.
  13. Tieton Climber

    check out the facebook group called tieton rock climbers, which is used quite a bit
  14. monroe, wa

    I currently live in Seattle and work in Woodinville (30min commute). I'm considering moving to Monroe (20min commute) thinking that I could also get out to Index during the week. Are there a good amount of climbers at Index during the week after work? Where do they live/work?
  15. Baker April 11-12 (Fri and Sat)

    even if the approach is longer than usual, it's still very doable in 2 days. i did the coleman-deming in january in 2 days and I'm slow. don't let the longer approach deter you!