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  1. [TR] Bridal Veil Falls - Various Falls 1/7/2017

    Thanks for the inspiration! I had a lot of fun on this yesterday.
  2. 1/14 ice

    I'm looking to climb something WI2-3 within an hour or two of Seattle on Saturday. Been rock climbing for years, but I am decidedly not an expert in ice climbing. Hoping to get some laps in. pm me if you're interested.
  3. Stuart W Ridge 9/13

    In the mood for a quick late season trip? I'm thinking of heading out to the trailhead Monday evening, doing the climb car to car on Tuesday, and heading back home (Seattle) Tuesday night.
  4. Stuart W Ridge 9/13

    9/14 could also work for me
  5. [TR] - Kautz Glacier 8/14/2016

    Glad to run into you up there, and glad to see you survived the drive home!
  6. I'm starting to entertain the idea of taking advantage of some possible melt-freeze coming up this week. PM me if you're interested.
  7. If conditions are favorable next weekend I'm hoping to do a steep snow - easy ice climb. ICG seems to fit the bill, though I'm open to other ideas too. I have ice gear but my experience with it is limited to top roping on the lower coleman. Plenty of alpine rock experience, good shape, etc. So I'm looking for someone with some ice experience who would be up for this kind of climb.
  8. Rebel Yell

    pm sent
  9. Forbidden E Ridge 9/5

    I was thinking of heading out to Forbidden Friday night and doing the E Ridge on Saturday. I haven't climbed Forbidden before. And I'm not sure how sucky it is entering and exiting the route at the moment given the drought. Wanna come find out? I have a car, plenty of pro, happy to lead all or just 1/2.
  10. [TR] Black Peak - NE Ridge 6/13/2015

    The weather that day was pretty fun, actually. I decided at the last minute to climb Cutthroat N Ridge instead of Black NE ridge. I was watching Black from Cutthroat and it looked like Black had better weather generally, but I see you got that light snow too. Provided a nice ambiance.
  11. Washington Pass 7/29-30

    Gonna take a few days off work to go climbing. My first choice is to head to the pass to climb NW face of Liberty Bell and SW Rib of SEWS. I can lead or follow, either way would be fun. I have a single set of cams to 5" so it would be nice if you have at least a few small-medium cams too. For carpooling, I live in Seattle but might be coming from Bellingham the previous weekend, TBD.
  12. I'm looking for a climbing partner to climb the DC overnight starting 7/20 returning early 7/21. The weather forecast is for clear skies. The moon will be nearly full, out at night, and on the south side of the sky. It sounds like a great opportunity for a night climb of this route. I would like to hit the trail by 5pm, get to Muir by 9 to 930 and head for the summit by 10pm. I would expect to reach the summit between 2 and 3am and get back down to Muir for some shuteye in the early morning and then be on my merry way. I haven't climbed this route before. But with the moon, the forecast, and all the flagging I feel good about taking it on. I have done one day climbs of Baker and Adams. I climbed Glacier Peak two weeks ago in 2 1/2 days. Looking for someone who enjoys a fast pace but won't sacrifice safety for speed. Crevasse rescue skills needed. And bonus if you've done the route before. I live in Seattle. If we can carpool (I am happy to drive or ride) that is another bonus. Thanks! Jon