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  1. A Month of Adventure (7/24-8/24)

    I've PM'd all of you. Please send me your available dates and where you would most like to climb. I would really like it if we could meet up for four days or more. Squamish and Icicle Creek will be the main destinations, with side-trips before or after. Thanks for the stoke, and looking forward to hearing from y'all.
  2. I am looking for a partner who is willing to commit to at least several days of living the dream. I will be back in the states on a month's holiday from work in Taiwan starting on July 24th. I have a significant tick list that includes moderate alpine and multi-pitch trad routes in Leavenworth, the North Cascades, and Squamish. I am a solid 5.10 trad climber. I will also have a Toyota pickup that gets 18-20mpg and can seat two comfortably plus a lifetime of dirtbag gear and your dog. I will be coming from Portland, OR. Tick list excerpt: * Mt Garfield - Infinite Bliss * Icicle Creek - Outer Space * Prusik Peak - West Ridge * Index - Aires * Forbidden Peak - West Ridge * Squamish - Angel's Crest Holla back, yo.
  3. Ride sharing to your favorite crag!

    July 24th-August 24th Leavenworth-Squamish Portland, OR 1 I have a Toyota pickup, seats 3, 18-20mpg