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  1. Mt Hood

    Well we (2 total beginners) rented boots, crampons, ice axes, and helmets, woke at 2AM, and went up the south side. The route wasn't apparent, especially in the dark, and we criss crosed on our route and were unsure if we were allowed to trespass on the ski areas, and if we were supposed to go to the east or west of them. We quickly decided we needed the crampons (about 50 feet up) and were stunned at how much of a difference they made (lol noobs are funny). We continued going up, and backtracking on ourselves. We made it up to about the 9,500 foot level, but were not physically prepared to go any further. We hit the trail at 3:15, made it to Silcox at 4:30, and turned around about 6:30. The sunrise was spectacular, but the July sun made the descent a bit of a chore. Added to the fact we had no idea where we were going. Several staff on the ski runs came over and told us we were in the wrong place. We made it back to our car at 8:30
  2. Hello people, Is the northwest ridge route on broken top clear of snow this time of year? Not a local, so sorry if this is a stupid question.
  3. Mt Hood

    No! I did not mean to suggest that because we had done Old Rag we were ready to do Hood unguided. That would be suicide. I guess I am asking three questions. 1. How much more difficult then old rag are we talking, not counting the technical skills? 2. If we plan on only going to the crater rock- devils kitchen region, do we need any technical skills? If yes, then are we better off with a guide and going to the summit? What are the best guiding companies? I know about Timberline mountain guides. Does anyone know about Northwest school of survival? 3. Is July 9th going to be too late? Again, thanks everyone for answering my n00b questions.
  4. Mt Hood

    The ages of our party are 51, 52, 24, 17, 16, and 13, though we are not extremely outdoorsy but we have camped on the north side of hood. The most strenuous hike we have done was old rag mountain in Virginia, which is about 8 miles, 2,500 feet elevation gain. So do you think we are ready?
  5. Mt Hood

    Okay, but while I would be open to trying the summit, I am going with my family, so I'm not quite sure if that is doable even with a guide, because of basic fitness level, that I am questioning if I am ready. So if we plan to stop at the hogsback, do we avoid the most strenuos and technical aspects of the climb? And what gear would we need? The whole 9 yards?
  6. Mt Hood

    Okay, thanks guys. Do you know how much renting crampons and ice axes for 6 people will cost?
  7. Mt Hood

    Hello people, I am very new to technical climbing and would like to attempt Mt. Hood. I am in pretty good shape, and I think I can handle it. We are actually probably not going to attempt to summit, instead stopping once we reach the hogsback. I have a whole bunch of question, probably most of them n00bish, but please be patient. 1. When is it too late to go to the hogsback? We plan to go around July 5th. Should we do south sister instead? 2. How early should we plan to wake up? 3. What snow gear do we need? Crampons? Ice axes? 4. Do we need any skills for that or is a basic hiking knowledge good enough. What about for the climb to the summit, assuming that is still an option this late.