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  1. Thank you all for sharing your stories and the suggestions. I like the suggestions of metal conditioning and just taking it slowly to build back confidence.
  2. Hello, I had an accident about 2 years ago where I ended up falling and sliding quite a ways down an icy snow slope. Despite trying to self arrest several times, I was not able to. I ended up stopping as the slope leveled out. I luckily only broke a few ribs. Although I have always been nervous on steep slopes, after the accident I get what I think are panic attacks when descending steep snow. I have met another person with a very similar experience (panic attacks after accident). They fell on an icy slope and was stopped by some rocks, but luckily only gashed their leg. We would both like to get over this and would be interested in hearing about other people's experience. We were wondering if there was already a conversation about people having panic attacks/being more nervous after accidents. If not, we would like to hear if anyone else has experienced this and how they have gotten over it, if they have at all. We would appreciate if you would share your experience and ideas with us. Thank you
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