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  1. Anyone been up Granite Peak, lately?

    Any beta on going up the SW Couloir route from Cooke City? I'm heading out there in two weeks and was wondering if I have to carry an ice ax and microspikes on approach.
  2. I have two unused 2013 Mount Rainier National Park Individual Climbing Passes I'd like to sell. Looking to sell them both for $60. $24 less than face. PM me.
  3. Rainier DC this weekend

    Thanks Tvashtarkatena - I may need to add rock to my repertoire As far as Rainier, I've been following the weather for a week or so. I'm hoping as the low weakens this weekend I might be able to get an opportunity to scoot for the summit.
  4. Rainier DC this weekend

    Yeah. I should have picked a better weekend when I booked flights months ago. Weather permitting of course.
  5. Rainier DC this weekend

    Good morning - I'll be skinning up to Muir Thursday morning and looking to meet up with a singlet or a group for a trip up the DC this weekend. I will have a rope with me as well as few pickets and screws if you are coming up solo. Planning on skiing from the summit. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to nail something down or maybe I'll see you up there. RJ
  6. Good afternoon - I'm heading out to Rainier next week and planning on a southern approach. I'd rather car camp then get a hotel room. Anywhere to grab a shower in the Ashford/Paradise area? Randall
  7. I’m looking for a climbing partner who is free between May 23rdish and May 27th, 2013 for a skinning/climbing ascent of Mt. Rainer via the Ingraham Direct/DC route with a ski decent. Rainier/Ski Mountaineering experience and great conditioning is a definite. I will be able to supply most of the group climbing gear as well as handling any logistics (climbing passes, reservations, gear list, etc.) Hopefully it doesn’t take five days, but you never know with weather. I’ll be flying out from D.C. and into Portland, OR on May 22nd. I should also mention I’m a huge micro-brew fan so I will be supplying beverages! Shoot me a PM if interested. Randy