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  1. Backcountry Skiing?? - Tumbler Ridge, BC

    Hi! I arrived in Dawson Creek about a week ago. I was in Squamish for the last 5 months. I've done some trip reports on Bivouac: http://bivouac.com//UsrPg.asp?UsrId=33611 most of the ski trips are not there. I went out 21 times so far this year, 19 times in the back country. Its my first year but it seam that I'm picking up quickly. I did passed my AVI 1 in Whistler. I can shovel quick and deep as well. Some of the trips so far include Black Tusk, Tricouni, Duffey Lake (4 days), Brandywine, Waddington Hut (6 days), Metal Dome, Rainbow Mtn, Paul's Ridge many times, Gargoyles, Columnar etc... I took a ski lesson at Cypress and at that moment the teacher said I was in between intermediate and advanced. I got all my gear, including an air bag system. I will be studying wind turbines maintenance at Northern Light for the next year. The course start tomorrow. I might be able to go out after school on weeks day (after 4:30pm?) as well. Until then, I'll keep jugging at the running track and climbing at the aquatic center (I will set up a membership at Fitness 4 Life as well). I got all my camping gear here with me as well. I do not have a phone but I can use skype, I prefer email communication Dom