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  1. Took some friends up to the tooth on sunday night for a spectacular viewing of the lunar eclipse. However, on the way down one of my half ropes got stuck when pulling the rappel. On first pitch of southface. It was late, and my party wanted to get home It's a green sterling 8.4mm Might be a long shot, but let me know if you're heading up that way or know of anyone going out there. Thanks, Pieter
  2. Selling my split-board setup. Too many toys. More info and pics on CL: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/5094370347.html $550 obo Board: 166 Sick Stick from salomon. karakoram clips. Voile pucks for bindings. basic info here: http://snowboards.gearsuite.com/l/1360/2014-Salomon-Sickstick-Split. It's been a great board. Bindings: Salomon Cypher. Size large. Stiff, light bindings, but very comfortable. Carbon backing. Have Voliee adapters to slide on pucks. Great for all mountain / backcountry. Skins included. This setup cost me over $1200 a couple years ago. Great condition. Only used a handful of times.
  3. FS: Split-board setup (board/skins/bindings)

    New CL link http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/5121157838.html
  4. FS: Split-board setup (board/skins/bindings)

    Eager to sell, send me an offer. Get out for some summer volcano descents!
  5. Hey Guys, Just cleaning some stuff out. Haven't been using this stuff as much as I'd like and need to free up some funds. All located in West Seattle. Willing to ship. Grivel X-monsters Pair. 1 year old. Picks are in great condition. Used 3-4 times. $210 Grivel Rambo 3. Pair. Currently set up as mono point, have spare points. Good condition. $40 Petzl Basic Ascenders. I have 2. $30 ea Camp Tri Cams. Set of 6. 2 blue, 2 red, 1 pink, 1 brown. $50 Black diamond Bugaboos. Never used. Set of 6. $50 Feel free to PM or email me at pdepape (at) g (dot) clemson (dot) edu Thanks, Pieter
  6. BUmp. Ascenders, tricams, and tools still available. $195 for the Xmonsters.
  7. Crampons sold. Ascenders and tricams tentatively sold.
  8. Pitons and Crampons in the process of being sold. Anyone want a set of Tools for the season?!
  9. Email for pictures.
  10. As the title says, Wondering if anyone is interested in trading crampons. I have a set of sharp, well taken care of (i.e. plenty of life left) BD Sabertooth step in bindings. looking for a set of strap-on bindings. Let me know! Pieter Pm or email = pdepape (at) g (dot) clemson (dot) edu
  11. Looking to get into something on sat. Ice, dry tooling, alpine. Open for a long day push. Let me know if anyone has any ideas or would like to brainstorm some objectives. -pieter
  12. WA/OR Ice climbing Partner this weekend?

    I'm looking to get into something tech sat as well. I saw a hand full of people posting. I'll shoot some pm's later tonight when I'm not using my phone.
  13. Orange Body BD Rages -$100+shipping Definitely used, but the picks still have life left. Comes with two hammers and a Shovel. Currently have some temporary/homemade leashless pinky guards on there. I bought these used last year. Just upgraded and would love to pass them on as a cheap set of intro or spare tools. Pm or email: pdepape at g dot clemson dot edu I'll get a picture up soon. But here is a stock picture (except mine are orange and more used):
  14. Hey guys. Left a pair of twin ropes (orange/green) to the right of r&d on icicle buttress. They got stuck rapping. Going to try and free them up tomorrow. If by some off chance anyone decides to climb this late season and is able to recover the ropes, hit me up. or if anyone is wiling to lend a rope to rap off the top tomorrow (Jan 1st) , let me know. pdepapae (at) g (dot) Clemson (dot) edu Thanks, pieter
  15. Got 'em. Thanks for the rope Dave!
  16. Selling my Size 12 Salewa Pro Guide Boots. I wear a 11.5 street shoe. MSRP is ~$525 Selling for $200 + Shipping. These have been the most comfortable technical mountaineering boots I've owned. The Salewa '100% blister free' Guarantee is no joke. Salewa Info Used about a year for mountaineering, Ice, and dry-tooling. Some cosmetic scuffs and general wear, but these are still in great condition. Included are a set of new laces, and walk/climb mode adjustment Allen wrench. I'm selling these to get the pro gaiter version of the same boot. Located in Tacoma. Send me a PM or email if interested. pdepape (at) g (dot) clemson (dot) edu -Pieter
  17. Hey, Partners plans feel through for this weekend, and looking for someone to get out and do something with. If you have any ideas or looking for a partner, let me know. Down for BC skiing, rock, ice, snow, whatever... Looks like its warming up and ice might be out of the question. -Pieter
  18. Any good recommendations for beginner dry tooling areas? (I just moved to the area) Would like to start with TR; Near Tacoma/Seattle. Anything good off of Exit-38? Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thank's guys.
  19. Just looking for anything this weekend. Located in Tacoma. Let me know. Have all my own gear. Thanks. -Pieter
  20. Alpine/volcano/drytooling this weekend

    Last minute. But I'll be heading up to Camp Muir tomorrow afternoon. Possible summit bid on Sunday morning.
  21. Rainier Apr 26-28

    What route?
  22. Anyone have an extra set of grivel rambo (2 or 3) spacers for a monopoint setup. Let me know