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  1. Looking at the forecast this week, it looks like rain saturday, but sunday is nice. I'm not from Leavenworth, but I know the rock stays pretty dry and dries quickly. Is it likely the Snow Creek Wall could dry before afternoon?
  2. Mt Hood Conditions

    awesome, im glad someone summited the reid, wow illumination sounds exciting nice work
  3. Mt Hood Conditions

    Thanks guys, -Whippin, glad SS was good, I rly wish I had some beta on the steeper routes though...
  4. Mt Hood Conditions

    Thanx for all the input, kirk I can relate to at least u werent at work. I work in retail, makes thanksgiving interesting. Dchromey thatd be awesome if u posted a report, wat route were u thinking of doing?
  5. Mt Hood Conditions

    Anyone know what the conditions are like on the NF, or some of the steeper routes? South Side?
  6. I posted a little earlier asking if anyone wanted to climb Hood Friday, but I haven't received any responses. Im a 21 year old WA college student, does anyone want to climb a steeper route on Hood or something Alpine in the Cascades this Friday? (Rock or Ice)
  7. Mt. Hood friday

    im a 21 year old WA college student. i climbed the reid headwall on hood a couple months ago. anyone want to climb that or another steep route on hood this friday?
  8. Im a 21 year old student in Bellingham, anyone want to do an alpine climb tomorrow night? Preferably something with some ice (grade II-3) or I can follow up to 5.10 on rock, but am not a super proficient leader.
  9. [TR] Mt. Hood - Reid Headwall Follies 4/27/2013

    Hey! I was the one you talked to at the bottom of the second chute. Glad you had a good time, and ya with the barrage of stuff knocking that screw down the headwall I stopped chasing it. Upon arriving at the summit ridge the winds were rly ripping through, but we made a quick push to the summit. Going down was uneventful. It was both of ours first time on the route, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
  10. Hey im a 21 year old university student in WA. Id really like to climb the reid headwall before it goes out of season for the summer. Im free on various days during the week and weekend. I am not an extremely experienced climber but i have experience (rock, ice climbing, and some various mountaineering endeavors) and most of the gear needed for the climb. Prefer one day ascent, text or pm if interested 253-389-2573
  11. Hood Reid Headwall

    20 yr old college student from WA looking to do reid sometime this week. Not extremely experienced but do have climbing experience. If interested/further info text or pm 253-389-2573
  12. Im a bellingham college student, that is very new to ice climbing, Ive done a decent amount of rock though. I am willing to follow more agressive routes and might be willing to lead easy stuff. Im open as far as climbing locations, but I think Alpental might be a good place to check out. PM me if interested
  13. Anyone know if Shannon Falls is in? Or climbing near Squamish Vancouver ish area?
  14. Im actually located in Bellingham but am down to travel a bit for ice climbing. Im down for Snoqualmie, Leavenworth, Mount Baker ice as long as its not too far away. Im actually very new to ice (though not to climbing), and only lead pretty easy stuff but am willing to follow much more agressive routes and I prefer multipitch. Ive got a good deal of gear as well Im willing to share. PM if interested.