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  1. Climbing Partner needed

    Pm sent

    Hey everyone! I am interested in finding 1, possibly 2 long term mountaineering partners for this year and beyond. I've been climbing for 4 years now. I am 34 and would like to think im in the best shape of my life I have all the necessary gear for a day hike, or a 4-5 day exped/climb. I currently live in central Washington and I don't have an issue with meeting or picking someone up along they way, as long as it isn't too far out of the way of course. I have multiple climbs of Hood, Adams, St Helens, Rainier, as well as a few short day hikes/climbs. I would like to add Baker, Shasta and dragontail to my list this year If interested, send me a message through CC, or my personal email at--- lovebcandyr1@gmail.com Thanks

    For now, I would say ice. Our plan, depending on weather, would be the colchuck route on Dragontail. I see you've been up in that area as well, any advice? I think we will be up there in late march.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm looking for 1 or 2 people to join me and possibly 2 others for a DC route climb this august. I'm open to dates as I am taking vacation for this trip. Plan is for first night at Muir, 2nd on Ingraham, and summit the 3rd day and back home. Send me an email or message and we can start planning more details from there.... I'm in my 4th year climbing and have experience on many cascade peaks, as well as my own equipment, and some... Cell 208.416.1531 Email lovebcandyr1@gmail.com
  5. Mt. Adams May 20 and 21

    Looking for a couple new climbing partners,and possibly some future climbs. Have been up Hood a couple times already this year. There are 3 of us that climb regularly together. We are in the Moses lake area, so if you'd like to hitch a ride, please be close or on the way in. Plan for Adams this round is for a 2 day climb,camp at counter or just below with an early summit attempt the next day. Good luck to everyone this year with safe travels.
  6. Up for sale is my Black Diamond speed 40 pack. I used it on 4 trips last year. A small amount of dirt on it but otherwise no rips or tears. Paid $130 new..... sell for $65 Text or call 208.416.1531 Brandon
  7. Black Diamond speed 40 pack...... $65

    Size is medium.... sorry took so long to update
  8. Mid week Alpine climbing

    Hey guys, just curious if anyone is interested in doing some climbing over the next 45 days. I am up for anything cascade, rainier, adams, baker ect.... I am a little over a year into this and I am very eager to get out, meet some new people and tackle some mountains. I can pick up if not too far out of the way. I have experience and my own gear. Brandon 208-416-1531 lovebcandyr1@gmail.com
  9. Mid week Alpine climbing

    Is it work schedule related?? can you switch it around?
  10. Mid week Alpine climbing

    Soooooo looks like Rainier august 13th and 14th via DC route, have 3 confirmed if anyone else would like to join, please let me know. Thanks!!! 208.416.1531 Brandon
  11. Alpine 7/19-7/21

    I live in Moses lake, would you be interested in Adams or Baker??
  12. Just got done with a successfull climb on Mt Hood and im ready to go again. I have been wanting to do Adams for a year now, just dont wanna do it alone. I can pick up if its not too far out of my way, and I have all my own gear except a tent. Let me know if you are interested...
  13. Climbing partners July 5th-14th, and beyond

    I will also be on hood the morning of the 11th. Just got off Rainier on a hike to Muir for training....
  14. Hi there, I am relatively new to alpine climbing, about a year and half now. I have a couple runs up Hood and climbing in surrounding areas. I have yet to try either one of these peaks and would be interested in pairing up with one or more people to go with. I have all my own gear, I live in Moses Lake so I could even swing by and carpool if you're on the way!! E-mail me or PM if interested.... Thanks lovebcandyr1@gmail.com Brandon
  15. ST. HELENS OR MT. ADAMS... climb June 18-19???

    Looks like you are correct. Thank you!!
  16. ST. HELENS OR MT. ADAMS... climb June 18-19???

    well, looks like st. helens will be out of the question, they are out of passes for those days, maybe Adams still though if anyone wants to go.
  17. ST. HELENS OR MT. ADAMS... climb June 18-19???

    Yeah, you are not that far away at all.... That would be awesome, I would like to get up as many times as possible this year. Thinking of trying Hood again some time in july for the 3rd time. 2 failed attempts due to bad weather. Frustrating!!
  18. Alpine shell pant question......

    I just picked up the North face Apex softshell and having a little trouble deciding on a shell pant now. Has anyone tried the North face Becketts pant, or would have a recomendation on a solid shell pant??? Will be using them for cascade climbing. Any input would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks!!
  19. Alpine shell pant question......

    Thank you guys for the advice. My first climb will be a guided climb of Hood in late May, but I plan to knock out as many cascade climbs as possible this summer, maybe I could meet up with a few of ya and make a weekend or 2 out of it