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  1. We ended up climbing on Jan 3rd, so here's an update if anyone is interested. The road to the trailhead was very icy and I put chains on my front wheel drive after seeing a few people slip... We started at 4am and followed a well beaten fast snowshoe track for the first 4 miles or so. Once we reached the weather station however, the snow was incredible deep and we postholed continually to the summit. The last grueling mile took us almost 4 hours in crampons.... The view of the rest of the Cascade volcanoes was worth the extra effort though on this crisp winter day. Prepare for cold winds and a 12 hour climb!
  2. If you don't go up sooner, you're more than welcome to join our group on the 2nd if the weather looks good....
  3. Hi - I plan on starting the New Year right by climbing another Cascade volcano. According to Summit Post this seems like a pretty straight forward winter route in fair conditions. When I called the Lone Fir Resort, they said it is usually marked with Blue Flags and I've been checking the Climbing Update through US Forest Service. Does anyone recommend other links to check or advice on doing this climb? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I grew up in the PNW but unfortunately didn't start climbing until I moved to SoCal. I'm driving up to Western Washington December 22 and can stay around until Jan 5th. Is anyone up for some snowshoeing, basic mountaineering? Mt. St. Helens climb? I'd love to meet a network of local climbers to connect with whenever I'm in town. Thanks!