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  1. Outdoor Gear

    Just started doing some outdoor bouldering, eventually want to do outdoor climbing, still working on my lead climbing. I want some pants / shell to wear on days when it's a little chilly. I much prefer being in the wilderness than a warehouse and I don't want the cold weather to stop me. I need something that is close fitted and flexible. Recommendations?
  2. Easy San Diego cragging?

    Thanks for the tips on places to go in so cal, looking forward to checking out some of these places
  3. [TR] Arrowhead - NW Face 12/9/2012

    cant wait to get up there! hopefully this weekend!
  4. Outdoor Gear

    Dude Drederek I am sure you look fabulous in your long johns and shorts, but I don't think I could pull that look off. I am considering those Zion pants. I went out to do some bouldering today after work and there was a guy out there who had some pants very similar to the Zion's but they were made by an ultralight hunting company called Kuiu and they were the Attack pants. I really liked the way they looked and the fabric used to make them. They also have 4 way stretch and are weather resistant. They have a few more pockets, but the price is a bit higher. So I am trying to decide between the two. Has anyone ever tried the Kuiu pants? This was my first time ever seeing them