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  1. Lots O' Gear. Take it away!

    Hi! I've got a bunch of high quality climbing gear that I'm trying to get rid of as I'm no longer participating in the sport like I once was. All of the gear is in great condition and needs a home. It makes me sad to see it sitting around and not being used, so take it off my hands and put it to use! Any questions you have can be discussed, but I'm going to try to make this fairly short. I'm located in Portland, but willing to ship! CAMP Corsa Nanotech 60cm - $90 CAMP Blitz harness Medium - $40 Dynafit ONE PX Ski Boots 28.0 - $250 CAMP M4 40L pack - $80 NOT PICTURED - Perfect condition Arcteryx Theva SV BIB Black Small Regular - $300 Suunto Ambit 1st generation - $50
  2. [TR] Mt. Graybeard - North Face 5/11/2014

    Nice work guys! I work at US Outdoor and met you guys in the basement before you were heading up there. Glad you made it out safe!
  3. Good words to reflect on as a young aspiring climber.
  4. [TR] Mt. Hood - Leuthold's Couloir 1/20/2014

    Awesome report and solid photos. Need to get out very soon!
  5. [TR] Mt. Snoqualmie - NY Gully 1/1/2014

    Andrew was one of my guides for AMTL 1 this past summer. I saw him post about this awhile back. So rad! Nice write up and awesome photos.
  6. Graham Zimmerman Live Speaking Event

    I hated dealing with that single wall... Plus, since getting the job at the shop gear is so cheap and I needed the money for a van. But I will miss it for those memories...
  7. Graham Zimmerman Live Speaking Event

    Good to see you on here Nathan And pretty awesome that you have Graham coming in!
  8. Rock for Snow Skills Trade?

    What are the warmest winter walls at Smith.. I'm dying to get on some rock.
  9. Hood on the 30th or 31st.

    Is anyone interested in getting out on Hood (South Side) on Monday or Tuesday if conditions are good? I have yet to give Hood a try, and I'm wanting to get a good day in. Feel comfortable, but it's been awhile since I've been on snow (summer time) and wanting to get at it again. PM me if you are interested! We could meet up for a beer in town and talk more. Happy Holidays!
  10. Mt Hood

    Ian, do you have Monday or Tuesday free? I'm really trying to get out on the mountain but no one is around!
  11. Hood and others.

    I'm looking to get out and get some winter climbs in this season. I'm in Portland so Hood is ideal for a day or quick overnight. I took AMTL 1 & 2 this past summer with AAI but haven't been on snow since. I'm hoping to hook up with someone who has a fair amount of experience and is willing to answer a lot of questions as we go. I'd be down for a quick run up the south side of Hood to get things dialed a little more and ease back into it all. I'm motivated and definitely don't bitch about much. I'm really itching to get out. My one day off during the week is Monday, but can usually swing getting two days off too, just all depends. PM me if you are in Portland and would want to meet up and talk more!
  12. Easy scramble tick list.

    Awesome! I appreciate the feed back. I'll probably start with some 3rd class stuff and then continue to work my way up to bigger objectives. 4th and low 5th class would be ideal by the end, but I'm more interested in just long days out, solid rock, and awesome views.
  13. Easy scramble tick list.

    I'm trying to put a list together of some mellow scrambles that I can do next summer solo. My hope is to spend some time driving around Washington running and bagging easy peaks. If you guys have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!
  14. EV2, Line Prophet 90's, Quark, and more.

    OR Alibi Softshell is sold. Help me buy a truck friends!
  15. EV2 saw some about a month of use this summer, it is in great condition, asking $400 Petzl Quark only used 1 day this summer. $200 Line Prophet 90's with Salomon Z10 bindings. Bought used for this season, but not going to end up using them. $250 (Local pickup preferred) OR Alibi Softshell men's medium. No issues. $70 Panasonic Lumix LX-5. Comes with two batteries, two 16gb memory cards, charger, cables. Great condition. No issues. $225