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  1. Climbing partners alaska??

    Thanks brotha. Good look. Maybe we can link up when you get out here. Happy climbing
  2. Climbing partners alaska??

    Thanks brotha. Good look. Maybe we can link up when you get out here. Happy climbing
  3. Climbing partners alaska??

    Recently moved to Wasilla AK and looking for a solid climbing partner. Alpine mixed is my bag so holla!!
  4. Drytooling anyone?

    Looking for drytooling partners. Anyone down? Hit me up.
  5. Winter climbing partner

    Mixed routes, ice, whatever... Hit me up
  6. Issaquah Dry-Tooling Crag

    I'm Game. Let me know
  7. Ice partner first week in Feb

    Im down. Ice is in all over Eastern WA
  8. Alpental Falls

    Temps are high so guess not
  9. Looking to climb some ice 7th/8th. Anyone interested? Any Ideas? Not sure what is in right now.
  10. Quark Pick Weights

    I have been looking for quark pick weights as well. These are harder to find then I thought.
  11. Best Harness for Ice

    What? Your harness came with a fortune cookie? Kinda a better idea to prosper from real suffering, or maybe just survive it, than from saving a few grams. oh i see... your a veteran. Spending more time online than in the trenches? What I mean is...comfortability is great but learn how to make due with what you have until you find the perfect harness. Try many, but go out and have fun and stop being consumed by marketing hype and a bunch of straight up whining. Which is what I see a lot of going on around here. Clever fortune cookie comment but thats all you have. Don't forget your 1000 essentials toughguy! I happen to agree with keenwash as well.
  12. Ready to climb Thursdays/Fridays as these are my days off. Anyone?
  13. Best Harness for Ice

    I have climbed using many different harnesses but my personal favorite is the Black Diamond Aspect. Its very light, comfortable, and streamlined with plenty of room. I think that people get caught up in bells and whistles along with marketing hype so don't over think it. You should try on every harness possible and see what works for you. I have spent more time hanging in minimalist harnesses (BD couloir/Bod) than I would like to admit and felt just fine. Comfortability and function is key, but remember...if you are not suffering at some point during your journey, your personal growth and accomplishment is probably just as flat as the valley below.
  14. Crevasse Rescue Practice

    I would to join up with you on this. Im always looking to beef up any skills possible and have a lot of fun doing so:)