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  1. OSAT

    Cool, thanks, I appreciate the response. Any other feedback?
  2. OSAT

    This is similar to the Mountaineers thread, except I'm wondering about OSAT. I have friend in OSAT who has generously offered to get me signed up for their Glacier Climbing Course. It looks great and I'm really excited, but thought I should just check and see if anyone had first-hand experience with them, or had heard anything (positive or negative). So: have you heard of OSAT or the GCC? Thoughts on their general level of expertise? Anyone actually completed the GCC? I realize I'm asking you to make some generalizations about a somewhat large group of people, but, still interested in any feedback. Thanks!
  3. free rei fleece jacket for kids. blue size 4T

    Hi there, I sent you a PM - I'm interested!
  4. Winter Climbing Partners

    PrincessWookie, I'm a mom who works part-time and am looking for other women to hike/scramble with through the winter here in the PNW. Prefer weekdays over weekends (weekends are family time). I'm currently making my way through the Home Court 100. I realize this isn't exactly what you posted about, but I've had such a hard time finding other women to hike/climb with - particularly for mid-week outings - that I thought it'd be worth asking if you're interested. I'm not a psychopath, not a booty caller, don't care what you look like. PM me if you're interested!