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  1. WTB wild things alpinist medium

    Price of the pack?
  2. Wild Things Alpinist Suit

    Any chance of coming down on that price??
  3. WTB wild things pants

    Hard or soft shell, pants or bibs,.... Medium
  4. medium preferable in grey (castle rock) I have brand new with tags BD cams and screws plus other alpine clothing to sweeten a deal Txt 508-542-4347 if you have something
  5. WTB. FF vireo

    Who's got one?
  6. kids crampons

    I know theres been threads on this inthe past but Ive never found any to buy, do they exist? has anyone had successs modifying furll size crampons down to kids size?
  7. G 12 crampons and bd avy probe

    BD TOUR 190 avy probe 30 shipped Grivel g 12 75 shipped
  8. G 12 crampons and bd avy probe

  9. G 12 crampons and bd avy probe

    No anti bots, these were actually military issue so I didn't get to choose
  10. G 12 crampons and bd avy probe

  11. G 12 crampons and bd avy probe

    Humpity bump
  12. G 12 crampons and bd avy probe

  13. Height shouldn't matter that much as they are so adjustable, I have military counterpart, the kodiak, nothing carries heavy loads better. I love it
  14. Love my garuda kuala for what it's worth, father n I have been hitting the mountains with it for near 20 years
  15. WTB: Ice Tools, VI crampons, WM Apache or Antelope

    I've got a set of petzl altars with plenty of life left in them if you're interested 125
  16. BD stinger mono point crampons

    Brand new in the box 140
  17. Got some skis gifted but I have a 4th kid on the way I have no time. Kilowatts with bd 01 bindings used a couple times at a resort. Size 175. Who's got an offer?
  18. WTB two person down bag

    Anyone have one to sell??
  19. WTB two person down bag

    Erik Thanks for the input, i haven't been able to find anyone else who's used these as a double bag before. What model/ temp do u have? Hoods or no? What kind of conditions or activities have you used this for?
  20. WTB two person down bag

    Genepires, We are planning on getting a ff penguin with a ground sheet and hoods if we can't find something used. I love there stuff and have some FF gear but would like to stick to a budget
  21. WTB two person down bag

    Bump 2
  22. WTB two person down bag