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  1. West Face NEWS rappel route

    A new rappel route was established down the West face of North Early Winter Spire. It follows the clean, steep face in between the West face route and "Labor pains". It is a safer, faster and generally more pleasant way to descend the spire, than the Chockstone gully. Five 30 meter raps on bolts and chains take you right back to the base of the spire. One of the raps is a FULL 30m, so knots in the ends of your ropes is a good idea. From the first rappel on the normal descent, head down the West face instead of into the gully. The old rap route remains intact for those of you who prefer that descent. http:/
  2. New Washington Pass Super Topo book

    Great job on this book Ian! The topos clearly reflect that you have climbed these routes. Spending as much time up there as I do, I am really psyched there will be one definitive guidebook that will help people stay on route, as well as steer folks to some of the less popular, yet still very worthwhile routes. For years, I felt sheepish recommending a route to someone only to say that a good topo really doesnt exist for that route. Well, thats changed now. Well done!