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  1. Last minute change of plans. Anyone interested to get on this ?
  2. Mt. Baker Friday June 23rd

    Heading out to climb Baker on Friday. Looking to get this done in a car to car fashion (have done it before). Light and fast is the spirit. Anyone interested is welcome to join me.
  3. Petz Nomic pair

  4. Looking for ice/ alpine partner

    Well, there you have it gentleman. This is what happens when every damn rock around here has a name. I never get it right. For what it's worth- the person in 2nd pics. is standing directly bellow Ghost Dog M11 dry tool line and 1st. pic. is about 5min and 200f bellow it.
  5. Looking for ice/ alpine partner

    We have done some "climbing" around Source Lake on 12.27. it was sketchy and pro used was purely cosmetic Source Lake line Rap Wall
  6. Eddie Bauer neoteric bibs NEW SZ S $100

    Hi there, I want to buy the bibs. How do I do that since you are in Portland. PayPal ? Thanks
  7. Petz Nomic pair

    Up for sale is pair of Nomic tools used one season. $450 cash, local pickup, Issaquah-Seattle
  8. Rab Latok Base MK4 tent / new

  9. Rab Latok Base MK4 tent / new

    Still trying to unload this thing.
  10. Rab Latok Base MK4 tent / new

    Bump for price drop $550
  11. Rab Latok Base MK4 tent / new

    Up for grabs is brand spanking new Rab/Internal designs Latok Base tent. Never used. I have ordered me a tent and got different one. I am trying to unload it. First $ 600 gets it. It's that super breathable eVent waterproof fabric. Click the link for more info http://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/product_Rab-Latok-Base-Tent_10192229_10208_10000001_-1_ http://us.rab.uk.com/products/equipment/shelter/latok-base.html
  12. Found - GriGri @ Index

    Hi Blake. I am hoping that you have found my grigri. I was there on friday and my buddy was belaying me and instead of racking it just put it on the rock. It was on the Iron Horse route. Blue with BD locker carabiner with closing bottom and also multicolor tape. The biner is also little bit sticky.
  13. Something this Friday 5/16

    Partner found
  14. Something this Friday 5/16

    Alpine or rock(preferred), exit 32,38, index, leavenworth, Liberty Crack, Dragontail ... Must be one day deal as I'll be working on Saturday.
  15. Friday May 2nd - partner wanted

    2 of us will be at Index tomorrow around 9:30am staying most of the day. You are welcome to join us. 425-4four4 -233one