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  1. Mountain Hardwear $350 Credit (Tax Free)

    Have $350 to use on Mountainhardwear.com TAX FREE. $383.25 after tax value. Only looking for $300.
  2. NWT First Ascent Downlight Hoody (LARGE TALL)

  3. Eddie Bauer First Ascent Downlight Down Hoody Hooded Jacket (Mens Large Tall LT) Have one in INDIGO and one in BLACK Brand new with tags $145 each shipped to USA
  4. Living Social Deal
  5. FS: Salomon GTX Mid GTX Shoes (11.5), OR Gaiters

    Here are pics of the Salomons!
  6. Charity Rainier Climb 2013?

    What goes unsaid is $23.75 goes to the fundraising company and $1.25 goes to the guild they called on behalf of. Walking down to the fire department and handing them $25 sounds like a better deal for the guild. No profit for the fundraisers of course Yes, the more I'm looking into it I think it would be too awkward to ask for donations for something like this where a lot of the money is going towards my expedition (guide, equipment, & the fundraising company) and not the cause. The only one that seems like a potential for me is the Climb for Himalaya Children that ajpederson mentioned, as 100% of your $1,500 pledge goes to the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation and there is no guide service, just experienced volunteers.
  7. Charity Rainier Climb 2013?

    Anybody know how much of your money really goes to charity? I'm looking at the climb for clean air and it's $3800 minimum but the 4 day RMI package must take at least $1000 plus the marketing an operation costs of the foundation takes a decent chunk correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone know if there Is published data on this?
  8. FS: Salomon GTX Mid GTX Shoes (11.5), OR Gaiters

    updated post & removed sold items
  9. Charity Rainier Climb 2013?

    Anyone know of any climbs in 2013 for a charity/cause?
  10. I have a few things to sell & haven't got around to taking pictures yet -- if you are interested in buying any of the things shoot me a PM and I will get you pictures ASAP. I can sell locally for cash in the Seattle/Tacoma area, or I accept Paypal & will ship them to you. (All shoes/clothing are mens) Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoes Size 11.5 VERY lightly worn -- excellent condition -- current model as seen @ rei here http://www.rei.com/product/828701/salomon-xa-pro-3d-ultra-mid-2-gtx-hiking-shoes-mens $90 Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Size XL Red/Black Bought this season, wore once & opted for a size L instead $45 ...Plenty more stuff to come
  11. FS: Sportiva Vertical K trail running shoe

    Great price & great shoes -- would buy if were my size GLWS