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  1. PNW in October

    Haha! I actually have a job (civil engineer), but I already told my work that I was going to be taking a couple weeks off in October. So my options are: A.) Tell my company that I'm not going to China and just work for those couple weeks. B.) Use those couple weeks to go on an adventure!! Like you said... keep living the dream! Thanks for the tips so far! I've seen some photos of the Enchantments area and it looks pretty disgusting... NOT!
  2. PNW in October

    Hey all, I'm totally brand new to this forum and the Pacific Northwest, so please bear with me.... About 6 years ago, I quit my job in New Hamhpsire, bought a puppy and started driving across the country. I ran out of money in Wyoming and ended up living high in the Colorado Rockies (Breckenridge area) since then. A mountaineering trip to China I had been planning fell through, so now I've got a couple weeks available this fall for other adventures and I've been thinking about finishing my cross-country trip. Anybody have any recommendations on where to go, what to do? I'd like to do some backpacking and/or climb some big mountains. I will have my dog, so I won't be able to do any National Parks with him. I would love to climb Rainier, but what would it be like in October-ish? And yes, I realize Rainier is a National Park, so I'd have to board the pooch for a few days if I do climb it. Any sweet backpacking trips with solitude, amzing scenery and lakes to do some fly-fishing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Colin