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  1. Bolt info for "typical" hangers?

    Yeah, I had heard Tacoma Screw was the PDX place to go, so will check them out now with the specs provided - thanks again!
  2. Bolt info for "typical" hangers?

    Great, thanks for the info. I had issues at Bulo Point on some routes, am only interested in having along the hangers, washers and correctly threaded bolts to add to my "emergency kit" of webbing and rap rings, not going to mess with quicklinks, chains, etc. etc. There's only so much you can carry/do when your initial ignorant intent is to simply climb a sport route under the assumption that it's all there. And I sure don't mind making any small contribution I can to maintaining routes I have the good fortune of being able to climb thanks to the work of others. Cheers!
  3. Hello - recently ran into a situation on a sport route where the top twin anchors were missing - only thing left were the two actual bolts sticking out of the rock, minus the hangers, washers and nuts. From this experience, I'd like to have a "kit" handy of two hangers and requisite hardware to replace missing items in future - sort of a combined safety/maintenance concept. To that end, I have hangers but have no idea what the possible hardware needs would be; I assume two washers of some sort (?) and two nuts. Re the nuts, what is the usual/typical specs for anchor bolts? (i.e. thread pitch, metric or english, etc). Thanks in advance to anyone who knows this stuff intimately Steve in PDX