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  1. New Sierra Designs Women's Clo 18 with DriDown

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?? Help a girl out! Need funds for upcoming trip to the Cascades & Sawtooths!!!!
  2. I'm selling one of these Sierra Designs Women's Clo 18 sleeping bag. Its brand new, never been used, just doesn't have the original hang tag. Retails for $599.95. It's yours for only $349.95 + $15 shipping (U.S. addresses only). Also willing to entertain any reasonable offer. PayPal payments only for your protection and mine. Ships as soon as PayPal payment clears. Feel free to message me with any questions or for PayPal address.
  3. Gear choice for Rainier

    Hi there CCer's. Hoping to get your opinions on which gear I should bring for a Rainier trip next month. I'll be climbing the DC route over a 3-4 day period. I have experience (and gear for) ice climbing here in the Northeast, but this will be my first experience on a glaciated peak. Since I'm not quite sure what to expect from conditions and since I've not had the opportunity to be on a route with so much elevation change (that is, change in climate from beginnng to end) I'm having a little trouble figuring out my personal gear for the trip. My currently plan for my layering system is as follows: - medium-weight wool top & bottoms - fleece or heavier-weight synthetic (capilene) pants - Nano puff shell for insulation up top - hard shell pants (with full side zips) and jacket - down jacket for at night and summit - insulated leather boots I'm pretty sure I will be warm enough with this set-up, but I'm afraid of being too warm. Specifically, the insulated leather boots on the trip up from the parking lot. Thoughts? fill in the polll!
  4. Preferred boot fit

    You think the Mont Blancs will be too warm? I was also looking at the Scarpa Charmoz which are more like the Sportiva Trango, but both my partners are wearing their winter boots (despite the fact that one of them has both the Nepals and the Trangos), so I thought I'd err on the side of warmer too. Especially considering that plastic double boots seem to be required by all the guiding servies on the mountain.
  5. Preferred boot fit

    alpine SKI boots, is what I meant to say
  6. Preferred boot fit

    I got a pair of Scarpa Mont Blanc's for a trip up Rainier next month as well as ice climbing. I normally where a size 7, but when I tried on the 38's they felt cavernous. The store didn't have the 37.5 in stock, so just for kicks I tried on the 37s. They actually fit really well! Especially with some SuperFeet in them to prevent elongation and mostly to support my arches. They felt like they were an extension of my foot, almost the way my alpine boots feel, though not quite as tight. Here's the rub: when walking downhill (toes pointed straight down the sloop) on the little ramp in the shop, my toes, mostly only in the left foot, crash into the tow box. Not anything painful, but noticeable. My fear is that it may be tolerable for a few steps in the store, but could become more painful with thousands of steps down a mountain. No beuno. However, 90% of their usage will be for vertical ice climbing in the East which there is no problem with, even when trying to aggressive kick the toes like when front pointing. I don't mind a few black toenails, but if I end up in excruiating pain and can't walk down a mountain, that could be a really dangerous (and dumb situation). So, do I swap them for a pair of 37.5s to be safe, or am I over thinking this? I tired them on with my winter socks, on a super hot day, so I'm thinking there's a chance that they will have more room with a lighter weight sock (for an August Rainier ascent) and when it's cold and the tissue contracts a bit more. How do you prefer your boots to fit?
  7. FS: Scarpa Freney GTX ice boots Women's Size 7

  8. I'm looking to sell my pair of Scarpa Freney GTX ice boots. They are completely crampon compatible and are in great shape. They've only been used on average 3-4 times a year for the last 6 years that I've had them. I'm not sure of the men's or Euro size, but I'm a women's size 7, so if you are too, these should fit you. Great for a normal-to-widish foot, probably won't work great if you have a really narrow foot. I've worn them on days as cold as as high of zero degrees and while my feet weren't toasty, the weren't blocks of ice either. I'd like to sell them for $100, plus shipping. So at that price, they'd make a great first pair of boots or they would also be great as an extra pair to have around to take your girlfriend ice climbing with you this winter Send me an email if interested at climbingbetty22 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I can also send pictures if you'd like.