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  1. Selling my unused pair of Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tools. One hammer and one adze. These are the current model. $425 for the pair. Call or text: 206-595-6471
  2. Nice trip! I've done the "Isolation Traverse" part of your trip twice in summer conditions - the first time mid-September, 2003 and the second August, 2016. These days it's hard to say if it gets done more in the winter than the summer....probably a toss up. Regardless, it's a stellar summer/fall traverse and in some ways I prefer it over the Ptarmigan. It's cool to see folks like you coming from out of state and not seeing a soul while you're out there! I definitely concur with the "lessons" you learned about late season travel. In 2003 we traveled north-south. I was with my friend Joe Stock and his father who is a geologist from eastern Washington. Not much info back then...just the Beckey guide (2 sentences), maps, and a little word of mouth. Joe is particularly skilled at drawing traverse lines on maps and I remember marveling how perfectly our proposed line panned out. We both had lots of experience on either end of the route, but had never been around Isolation Peak before. I remember being shocked when we observed the glacial remnants and permanent snowfields around Wilcox Lakes were mostly gone (they're prominent on USGS maps). It's going to be interesting to compare older maps to new ones when the next Landsat survey gets done. In August, 2016 my wife and I traveled south-north which is the way it makes most sense to ski. In summer, I think I'd recommend the opposite direction. Isolation Peak is harder to climb up than down and the flow on foot feels better north-south. Either way, scheduling a camp in the meadow at 5600' below Early Morning Spire is highly recommended...probably my favorite in the park...with awesome views, bubbling streams and wicked bouldering!
  3. Yup, still available. They are the multi-colored version.
  4. Yup, still available. They are the multi-colored version.
  5. La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX, size 42.5. Excellent shape. Can send pics upon request. $150. Call or text 206-595-6471
  6. Scarpa Charmoz boots, size 42.5, very little use, excellent-perfect condition, $125 Scarpa Triolet boots, size 42.5, moderate use, vibram soles are in very good condition, $90 Please call 206-595-6471. Will provide pics on request. Thanks!
  7. La Sportiva Xplorer Approach Shoes, 42.5 - $40 Petzl Meteor, size 2, white/blue, 2016 version. No impacts - $50 Cams: BD/C4 (old model) #.5, #1 (x2), #2. Trango Flex Cam #1 - $15 each (BD cams SOLD) Metolius Ultralight Curved Nut Set (#2-#10) - $70 (not sold seperately) Feathered Friends Hooded Helios Jacket, Large, Epic shell, 850 fill, red - $175 Please call or text: 206-595-6471
  8. New, never used. Pro model. $90 firm. Please call: 206-595-6471 SOLD
  9. I ogled the Fallen Angel from camp above Stout Lake earlier this summer....very unique spot. Surprised you guys didn't bag Hunich's Pipe and the Pipe Cleaner too! Bet those suckers have never been repeated.
  10. Scarpa Triolet GTX mountain boots, size 42. Good-Fair shape w/ lots of life left. Photos in member gallery under my name. One expert repair/patch (done by Dave Page in Seattle and curtousy of the marmots at White Rocks Lake) on the upper tongue of right boot. $60 firm. Please call: 206-595-6471
  11. KaskadskyKozak....Given the seasonal snow conditions, would a 30m rope suffice for descent in the next week?
  12. LaSportiva Spantik boots. Size 43.5. Only use has been on one Denali expedition (shortened due to illness) - they have never touched rock or a trail. These boots need no introduction. Simply the best. $500 firm. Please call: 206-595-6471
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