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  1. Worst thread ever - Life insurance

    Thanks I need to do a bit more investigation and see what the other contributing factors where.
  2. Worst thread ever - Life insurance

    Life insurance not health insurance.
  3. Worst thread ever - Life insurance

    I just got a quote back for a million dollar life insurance policy. $40/month for my wife and $300/per month for me. WTF!!! Apparently being a healty and active 25yr/old is a terrible thing especially if you rock climb. What have you guys done to keep your life insurance rates reasonable as climbers? Carriers?
  4. Fat Skis for PNW?

    On the light powder days everythings seems to work great. Wider skis with some tip rocker seem to help keep you above all of the manky snow we end up skiing. Seems that you are on the right track with the HI5 skis. I demoed those last year and was blown away. Seems that 105 waist is kind of a magic number for the BC around here.
  5. accident at Vantage?

    I am absolutely sure there was no helmet. Watched his head snap back and his head wacked the rock.
  6. accident at Vantage?

    First of all does anyone know how this guy is doing? Which hospital he is actually at? So I was at the base of the climb when he fell. Both me and my partner heard the distinct sound of two pieces ripping out of the rock and watched the fall. The third piece from the top actually held and had just barley started absorbing when he hit ground. His feet might have hit first slightly but he was leaned back enough that he flew back landing on his back over the edge of pedestal and really nailing his head. A helmet would have really helped. The following moments where generally disturbing with his eyes rolling around in his head, his eye/head bleeding, and his wife’s screaming. I did what I could to keep him from moving his head and tried to calm his wife. In a matter of moments I was replaced by trained professionals. We then hiked to the road and had firefighters on the scene in about 40 min after the incident and he was in the chopper about 1:00 later. This has got to be some kind of record. He had a lot more gear in than I would have had with my feet 20’ off of the ground. This could have happened to any of us and is a sober reminder to place early and place often, especially when you are placing small gear in funky placements.
  7. [TR] Mount Stuart - Cascadian Couloir 7/15/2012

    Hey did you get any pictures looking Southish at the Ingalls peak area. I am looking at taking a new climber up Ingalls and am curious how much snow is lingering.