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  1. Gear choice for Rainier

    Last week, I wore: --Lightweight base layer top --Arc'Teryx Gamma MX Jacket (Atom LT for stops) --Arc'Teryx Gamma LT Pants --La Sportiva Nepals --REI All-Season Gloves (switched to Black Diamond Viraga gloves after the Cleaver) I was plenty warm. Could have worn a hardshell on top instead, and the Trangos would have worked too (silver Trangos would be a good compromise).
  2. Small Camalot C4s any good?

    The 0.5 C4 is amazing. 0.3 and 0.4 are mediocre. I prefer Aliens and Master Cams starting in that range, though the new Black Diamond X4's look like they might compete.
  3. What exactly does "Alpine" mean?

    Not my blog, but not a bad response… http://raphaelslawinski.blogspot.com/2010/12/faux-alpinism.html
  4. Cellphone coverage at Mt Shasta?

    Reception at Helen Lake is significantly better than Horse Camp. It's not perfect, but considering you're on a mountain it's pretty good. I have to fight to get a signal around Horse Camp, but up around Helen Lake I have it in my tent.
  5. Lightweight Shelter

    HMG's gear is worth its price tag. Yes, it is expensive, but the engineering/design and fabric cost of those is insane. I have a couple of their products, and they are wonderful.
  6. 4 season fuel between Sacramento & Mt. Shasta

    The Fifth Season in the town of Mt. Shasta will be closed by the time you'll arrive; that is normally my first recommendation. If you'll be on the south or west face, 4 season fuel will surely be superfluous IMO. On the north side, probably so as well.
  7. Backpack recommendation

    Cold Cold World. Randy does custom work, and his prices are more than reasonable.
  8. Lightweight Shelter

    The TarpTent Moment is a solid tent. I've waited out North Carolina thunderstorms in it as well as some good High Sierra snowy nights. Roomy, with a big vestibule. Not the greatest as far as condensation is concerned, but adequate venting and mine has never leaked. A little heavy, but the optional pole makes it freestanding, and sets up faster than you can say "TarpTent." The geometry of the tent makes it roomy for one, but you'd have to spoon with your tentmate. Lots of room around the middle for gear or tossing and turning, but not much at the head or foot ends.
  9. This deserves a bump. Missing plenty of stuff, but a really, really good tool.
  10. Honnold is so solid! (reel rock teaser)

    It felt like the entire point of that clip was to see him at that moment. I am now more impressed.
  11. Skis, Boots, Crampons, Climbing Shoes

    PM sent re: crampons.
  12. fs Black diamond titanium ice screws (2)

    Will you ship? I'll take them if so.
  13. Black Diamond C4 cams for sale

    Second in line.
  14. CCW packs and a few others for sale...

    What gives Dane? Did you get Blue Ice to make you a custom pack, thinning the herd, more in process at Randy's skunkworks?
  15. Vince Anderson mp3