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  1. I bought these a couple weeks ago here on CascadeClimbers, and they're too big. The thread where I found them: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/1087815/Searchpage/1/Main/90239/Words/spantik/Search/true/La_Sportiva_Spantik_Size_42_40#Post1087815 I tried them on at home, but they never left my apartment. Former owner did wear them, but the soles especially are in 99% shape. $375 shipped to you in the CONUS. Bay area climbers can pick them up.
  2. Another boot quandary

    Phantom Guide is basically equivalent to the Sportiva Batura. A super warm, technical single boot in a lightweight package. Unfortunately, they do take awhile to dry - sometimes you need the double boots. The Phantom 6000 is slightly warmer, slightly bulkier, and the double boot version. For use skiing, the Spantik can't be beat.
  3. Tell me about chalk bags...?

    Arc'Teryx chalk bags make you send harder…
  4. FS: Sportiva Spantik 42 Excellent Condition

    Get your system dialed in this winter!
  5. Bump with some new prices.
  6. Insoles for Winter Climbing

    Superfeet is now pushing the grey merino insoles for winter "fun." More support (built on the green, rather than the orange that the reds were built on), but I would think the wool will absorb some water/sweat content - bad for long routes.
  7. Snowshoe Advice

    MSR with a heel lever. Other brands offer much less traction, while the heel lever will reduce calf strain during the approach. REI will have them (all snowshoes) for 25% off starting Friday.
  8. Watchya got? Looking for a size small. Medium might work, so could an extra small.
  9. What boots do I need?

    No, for that you need the Steck limited edition of the Scarpa Phantom 6000. The Baruntses are far too heavy.
  10. Lightening up my rack

    There are no popular mass market cams that are too light (the Metolius UL cams might be the lightest on the market today and have a good reputation). That said, I use BD C4's, which are heavier than most of the competition.
  11. FS: Baruntses, Corsa axe, Tele gear, etc.

    PM sent about the Baruntses.
  12. Baturas or Nepal Evos?

    Baturas are a better technical boot. Warmer, too, though they won't last nearly as long as the Nepals. The Nepal is a classic leather mountaineering boot. An excellent one, perhaps the best I've seen, but it's nothing special. The Batura is a newfangled mix of modern (and not-so-modern) ideas. A better performer--warmer, lighter, better ground feel--but it comes at a price. The aforementioned Trango is another great boot. Super light feel on the feet, and the Trango last is fantastic. But again, the fabric won't last like leather does. For summer objectives, this is my favorite style of boot. The insulated silver trango works well for ice climbing, at the price of some rock performance and a bit of weight.
  13. Good Alpine Rock Shoe

    The Mythos is a super comfy shoe, even when sized tightly. FWIW, mine are about 1.5 sizes smaller than my street shoe. I could probably wear a sock if I wanted to.
  14. Good Alpine Rock Shoe

    My comfy trad shoe is the Mythos. All day comfort and a good performer.
  15. What boots do I need?

    Get a pair of Baruntses or Spantiks, if they fit. You'll want these for Alaska anyway, and it's a bit silly to have two pairs of double boots in your situation. For other cold uses, Baturas are great, Nepals will last longer but won't climb as well.
  16. SOLD

    Size large. :'( One of the greatest packs ever made. Should make someone the happiest climber in the world.
  17. Fast N Lite Packs

    CiloGear is a modern pack. The strap system is innovative, and you get used to it quickly. Really allows you to fine tune your specific carry. Materials are great. Randy at Cold Cold World is old school. Simple packs, bomber materials and construction. He'll use any fabric you can supply (mine is made of VX-21, which Cilogear uses in their packs as well) and does custom work so you can tweak the feature set and get a perfectly fitting pack. Different design philosophies at work. Both have seen some of the greatest climbs accomplished. Super.
  18. Poison Ivy?

    None of the Tecnu products have done anything for me. I get poison oak/ivy/sumac BAD. Four "treatments" are viable, in my experience. 1) Steroids from the doc. 2) Tea tree oil 3) Combination of excruciatingly hot showers and baking soda 4) Sandpaper and alcohol I choose in that order.
  19. Retracted

    PM sent on the salopettes. I'll take them if you ship.
  20. Leather or Plastic Boots?

    Plastic boots, IMO, are uncomfortable and antiquated. I avoid them at all costs. Boots I've been able to get down to two pairs, and cutting down to one requires a lot of compromise. Depending on how warm you need your boots to be, the silver Trangos might be an answer…
  21. SOLD I have a pair of never used Petzl Sarken crampons for sale. I will even include the box! Yes, the box has taken some damage, but the crampons are brand new. These are the Leverlock Fil (aka step-in, auto) bindings. SOLD SOLD $130 shipped anywhere in the US. International buyers subject to extra charges. I take PayPal. SOLD