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  1. Don't lie on your application. There's a two year incontestability clause with most companies that will not pay if anything happens to you during that period. But when it comes to paying out, you can trust the life insurance companies to be hawks about things like this. What a PP mentioned before is a worthy option; mention that you are a climber, and ask if you can have a one/two year period during which you'll sacrifice the climbing. You can also choose to do this on your own prior to the application. Even though life insurance rates are prohibitively high for climbers, there are many workarounds, like group life insurance through an employer, smaller cover amounts, creating exclusions that prevent the company from paying a death benefit if something happens to you on an expedition, or a community organization like one a PP mentioned before. Good luck! Pat Cassidy Disclaimer: I work for AccuQuote and this is my personal opinion.
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